Dining Reservations for Split stay

Just wanted to share, I just found out this morning that a split stay prevents you from booking dining for the full 10 days of your stay. Basically if you have 4 days at one resort, then 3 at another, the system no longer allows you to book for 60+7, only 60 from the first day at each resort. This is with both resorts attached to the same account and confirming with a CM over the phone that this is how the system now works.

This is how it has always worked. For FPs you could do them all at once but for ADRs it is only for length of stay at that resort.

If I have a room only reservation day one, then switch over to a package day two +, is it considered a split stay if staying at same resort?

I have no idea but someone will know.

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Yes because you have 2 separate reservations. They should really figure out a way to do it 60+ all days but that doesn’t make them any money so probably never will.


Thanks, that does sound right, I thought it worked the same as FP, so weird they aren’t the same.

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