Dining reservations during hard ticket events

Sooooo I made a reservation for BOG at 1945 on a night of MVMCP. We are not going to the party. I think I have really messed this up!!! Had a reservations for 1700 when I booked 180 in advance and changed to a later time last month when a later time became available I wish I would have been flagged or warned that in order to eat at the time booked we would need to have tickets for party (other than in the teeny tiny fine print that is easily overlooked and I never saw). What are our chances of walking up at 1845 and pleading our case to get in to eat? It’s our last night of our vacation and I have really messed up. Tear flowing.

Set an ADR finder for an earlier time. Maybe you can fix it before your arrival. It seems they are becoming a bit more strict about this particular issue but it can’t hurt to try if you are not able to move it.

Thanks! Will do!

At 5:45 you’ll be fine. They don’t require tickets until after either 6 or 6:30 I can’t remember.

ETA: Derp ignore me lol. Now you see why I don’t use military time.

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It keeps me on my toes so that is why I use it!!