Dining reservations didnt include my 2 year old

Hello has anyone ever booked a dining reservation and not include their 1 or 2 year old? I am a party of 4 (me, hubby, 6 year old, and 2 year old) however when i booked, i only booked for 3 because thats all they had available. Will they still let me in? She sits on my lap anyways (always unfortunately) its also for an 8:05 reservation, will they let all 4 of us through to go to the restaurant?

Hmm… WDW would be well within their policy to only allow 3 people in for your pre-RD reservation. You should contact them directly. We always included everyone in reservations (including my son was 6 months old). Although the temptation is strong to just book for fewer people and beg for forgiveness when you arrive, it can be a headache for the CMs to deal with and they have discretion to make space or turn away anyone not on the reservation, especially when lots of people start doing it.
In good news, if you keep checking MDE, you are likely to find a reservation for 4 a day or two before when people start cancelling unused reservations.

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On the WDWToday podcast Len often references booking for a lower number and showing up with more people. You should have no problems with your plan especially given your “unexpected extra” is a 2 year old that’s not eating. I’ve heard lots of people booking a 4 and showing up with 6 and never being turned away.

I was considering trying it myself on our last trip, but all the ones I wanted to book were pre-open breakfasts and I wasn’t sure I could get “bonus” people into the park early so I backed off on that plan…

I have done just that quite a few times. Don’t worry about it. I have arrived with more people than expected and less people than expected and they seat you just the same. Have fun!

awesome thank you so much everyone.

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You’ll probably be OK, but I would still call. Unless you are somewhere that does “group seating” (e.g. BG), a group of 3 are usually put at a 4-top, so adding one more wouldn’t be an issue.

actually that brings me to a second question. our trip was a very last minute trip. so we are scrambling trying to get seating. LOL. but anyways, at chef mickeys we have 2 reservations for 6 because it wouldnt allow me to do a booking of 12, will they sit us together? or at least near each other? i mean the 6/6 isnt even how our families are split up. we have a family of 5, family of 4, and family of 3. LOL. and the family of 5 and 3 both have a birthday boy in them and the family of 4 and 3 are related so we really want to be with each other. Then on another day we have 3 reservations…reservation for 6, 4, and 2 all at the same time at the same place. Again we are just taking what we can get. lol i just hope it all works out and if we are not seated together that we are at least near each other. this is our first time to disney, all of us. I keep checking stuff for openings. and will continue to but our trip is this weekend. LOL

You can ask at check-in to be seated near to each other but that may mean extra delay in getting your tables.

I am curious what happened here. We were told, when making a phone reservation for Chef Mickey’s, that since the 2 yo is not a paying customer for the buffet, that the 2 yo is not included in the reservation. The reservation is for two paying customers and a 2yo. Reservation was made over the phone by a Disney rep while making my hotel reservations, and the rep was aware that the 2 yo was the reason for the reservation.