Dining reservations are open

I booked Topolino as well, but I have to be honest. I’m leaning towards cancelling. Have you seen photos of the food recently from people who are there now? Have you seen the photos of the characters walking by and people’s pics of them?

Personally, I cannot imagine spending $42 per adult and $27 for the standard looking waffles and eggs, and selfie shots of an oddly dressed Mickey and Minnie. (This is just my personal opinion)

I miss Garden Grill. Heck, I would have totally spend that :point_up_2: amount of money on Trattoria el Forno’s character breakfast even without the characters - as their food was truly gourmet breakfast food but IDK. The pics of Topolino’s totally leave me preferring cereal

EDITED to add: IF we still had the FD plan, I’d totally spend a TS credit on Topolino’s :wink:

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I agree. I had topolinos originally scheduled in our trip but with the lack luster breakfast selection and modified characters it is def not worth the 42 bucks. I did not reserve it yesterday. If they had changed to price or offered a a la carte i would have consideredbit because i really wanted to see the characters in the newest outfits. Oh well…next trip i guess

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I was so looking forward to trying Topolino breakfast, especially since it is at my home resort. But now with this new iteration I am going to skip it as well.

yeah, I’m not really too hip on the idea of spending that kind of money on the food, and I wouldn’t doubt the portions are probably tiny, but I thought it would be something new for us, and I really want to explore the Riviera resort and I have heard you can’t resort hop without a reservation. I had a GG lunch as well but cancelled. I can’t see us getting into epcot at 11, then going straight to lunch. Maybe something will change before I actually go.

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I am so confused. We had ADRs originally booked in March, and the park closed. We rebooked them for our rebooked trip which has a check-in date of September 2, and they were automatically canceled. The announcement that Disney made about rebooking again seemed to indicate that you could do so 60 days out, which is today. The system isn’t allowing me to do it, though.

I know the announcement said that it was open for those who had reservations for May 28 - September 2 canceled. But can those who had such reservations now rebook others for after September 2? Dates after September 2 show up on the calendar, and the available times come up too. It only after I select the time that I get the message that says I can’t complete the reservation. So it seems that others potentially can make those reservations. That doesn’t seem fair.

I received an e-mail from Touring Plans yesterday saying I could book today, and I figured they would know what they’re talking about. Also, I was on a chat with a CM at Disney yesterday with some questions about availability. I noted that I was 60 days out starting today and asked what time I could begin? She didn’t mention anything to me about my not being able to book them.

Update: I just called Disney Dining, and they were able to make all my reservations for check-in + 10 days. :grinning:

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@OBNurseNH here is the post about ADRs

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Since Epcot isn’t opening until,11am, I doubt they’ll do breakfast at GG or Akershus.

I thought I should make a note here with regard to ADRs and park reservations.

As you all know, Disney has made it clear that your making a dining reservation at a restaurant in a particular park does not guarantee you entrance into that park. You need to have a park reservation.

I’m not sure how it is online, but I phoned Disney to make most of my dining reservations, and I accidentally made an ADR for Tiffins on a day that I had a park reservation for EP. Evidently, their system doesn’t alert you to the conflict such as it would do with FPP and ADRs previously. So, you need to be very careful and make sure you’re only booking ADRs on days where you actually do have a park reservation. I happened to catch this error right after I got off the phone with the CM, but I called back the next day and made the correction.

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I don’t see it mentioned d here but I know it was being discussed.

Oga’s is opening for those with ADRs, so you can now book it at the 60 day window.

Just seen that the Cali Grill is opening as of tomorrow. ADRs can be booked.

Looks like Brunch is not available for now.


I’ve been trying to find photos and reviews for the new modified experience at Topolino’s but have had no luck! Can any one point me in the direction of a recent review?

I have randomly seen personal posts and photos from a few of my different facebook groups I follow. It’s just standard looking waffles and scrambled eggs. Mickey and Minnie are in odd outfits (my personal opinion. I know some who are thrilled to see them looking different) and as they walk around the restaurant you can take a photo of them, or a selfie of you (huge in the foreground) with them (small in the background). Just for me personally not worth the $$$.

Edited to add: To answer your question specifically I cannot remember if it was the Liners FB group or a few of my resort groups…???

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