Dining reservations are open

If you had reservations cancelled 5/28 you can book online now.

Not quite for the exact 60 day mark (Aug 29) It is still grayed out for me. Thinking it will open at 6

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Good luck then! I am booking now for 30+ days.

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Sad however that there is no PPO GG. I was really hoping for breakfast there.

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That would have been perfect with such a late opening time!

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No breakfast at the plaza either :weary:

Ugh… I am on the Space Mountain holding screen :anguished:

Got everything I tried for (8/8 - 8/15)!

I booked Beaches & Cream for a lunch although we are staying at a different resort. Will I be able to get in since we are not staying at the Beach Club?

With an ADR you should.

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I think that a couple of ADRs that I previously had may have popped back into my account. Anyone else have this happen?

I just tried to modify the time on one of the ADR’s I made this AM. The change did not take. Anyone else have that experience?

slept in. didnt care about it as much since they cancelled previous ones and figured system would be queued up. Got in with a small wait. everything available. changed dates/times with no issue. pretty say.

I just tried to book some (there aren’t any I really care about and I am not sure how many inside restaurants we really want to do) and got everything I think I would want with the exception of Sci Fi - that was on the list of restaurants to be opened, right?
Sad there is no PPO breakfast but I took the opposite strategy and booked as late as possible so at least we can walk through the park after or near park close

Yes, Sci-Fi is on the list of restaurants reopening. It looks like it is just super popular and filling up really quick.

I had to move it around. We grabbed a 2 pm lunch there for one of our HS days.

I scheduled several sit down lunches around 2. I’m not really wanting to leave the parks and come back so I figured between peak heat time of the day and afternoon storms it’d be a good time to take a break.


Have they announced if GG will do breakfast at all? This is one we are hoping for when it comes time to make our reservaitons. I just haven’t seen any news saying no breakfast offered.

Here’s hoping they add breakfast before your trip!!!

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I booked Topolinos today, I really wanted PPO for GG too!! super bummed! I had a cape may, but obviously buffets are off the table for a while. Also scored a beaches and cream. I’m kinda over it. would have liked to do ohana but I guess thats a no go as well

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I looks like only lunch is available for august

I agree with you wholeheartedly however no announcement yet. We can only wait.