Dining Reservations and Park Reservations

I took this quote from the DW site: " Guests can make dining reservations or add their party to the walk-up list at select table-service restaurants via the My Disney Experience app after they enter the second park, subject to availability."

Does that mean that if I don’t have a reservation at a park that My Disney Experience won’t let me make a reservation there? IE. I’m at MK during the day, park hop to Epcot and want a reservation at San Angel. Can I even do that? Or does the dining reservation have to be at the original park that I have a park reservation for?

No you can make a reservation wherever you want, but the only park you are guaranteed entry into is the park you have a park reservation for. I have seen a few cases of people being unable to hop but it has not been widespread and I honestly question “user error” because we haven’t heard more about it. But just know if you make a reservation to a hopped-to park, it does not guarantee you entry if that park is closed to hopping.

Have you seen any comments about Epcot reaching capacity?

Yes, the only cases I’ve seen about people being refused entry on park hopping were where one member of the party hadn’t tapped in at the park they had a reservation for. So the rest could have got in but chose not to.


Epcot has never reached capacity, ever, in almost 40 years. Not even at the reduced capacity they’ve been at until recently.

Since January, even when a park has sold out of park reservations, people have been able to hop there. I suspect hopping to Mk on October 1st might be the exception.


Good to know. We have a trip booked for the week leading up to and including Christmas, and I was hopping that we would be able to hop to dinner at Epcot for instance and spend the day elsewhere.

If you leave your reserved park, can you get back into the reserved park (ie: head back for after an afternoon break)? Or is your reservation voided after you leave it?

You can leave and return from your reserved park as often as you like.


Amazing. Thank you.


That’s really good to know because we will be hopping to MK during our first week to ride BTMRR because it’s going to be closed the second week when we will be closer to MK. (LOL of course!)