Dining Reservations 8/20 - 8/26

just had to vent. Frustrated is putting it nicely. I have had mousedining find multiple reservations but dang they are hard to get! by the time I see the email (sometimes immediately) the reservation is already gone. Still hoping to get a couple that we’d really like but man I have NEVER had this much trouble getting dining reservations. We leave next Saturday. I’m kinda worried that this trip could tip us in the direction of not returning for a while. We shall see.

The dining situation is awful right now. But the situation on the ground seems not to be so dire. If you don’t get what you’re after, keep trying even once you arrive AND try walk-ups. Many restaurants will offer walkups even though you don’t see a reservation available. I think this is related to unpredictable staffing; when they can’t be sure who might be out sick, and in what numbers, they have to be more conservative in offering reservation availability. But when the day arrives and all hands are on deck, they can open walkups.

I’m struggling to get a couple of ressies myself, mainly because I won’t do a leading reservation as, to me, it’s not different than line jumpers that everyone gets so up in arms over.


Thanks! I do get it. It’s just been brutal. I got a couple of the major ones that we wanted but there are a couple that used to be a walk in the park to get that have had zippo!

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What are you trying to get?

I never get the mousedining emails until several minute after I get the text message.

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Have you set up the TP reservation finder too?

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I was just there for over 2 weeks, and we dropped and made ADRs the day before or day of easily. I saw many popular restaurants (like Topolino’s, BOG, Ohana) available. I wouldn’t worry, just check MDE daily and you will likely find what you need. There were so many options every day, I was shocked!


For mousedining, definitely use text notifications for alerts, they are faster and then you are notified immediately when each comes in. It may cost a little (I think a few email alerts are still free?) but well worth it in my opinion. Also, absolutely use the 2 alerts that TP offers.

I would love a T-Rex for 8/21 somewhere around 7:00 - 8:00 and a Sci Fi on Monday for an early(ish) dinner before we hop from HS to EP.

yeah I’ve been a cheapo here and only signed up for the email alerts. Probably my mistake. Definitely have the TP ones going though. Always had pretty good luck but this trip has just been frustrating.

For T-Rex try calling the restaurant directly. Or sign up for a Landry’s card and you can walk up with priority seating. It’s $25 to join but you hey a $25 credit so worth it.