Dining reservations 60 days out

I know this is stupid but I can’t figure it out.

We check into the resort May 10.
We will be in HS May 11.

I want to be online at 6 a.m. to get an Oga’s Reservation for the 11th.

What day do I do that? Is it March 11 because we arrive on the 10th or March 12 because it’s 60 days out from the date we want to go.

We had tickets from a prior stay and bought one day’s worth of tickets for this trip so I’m not sure this is a package (if that means anything).

If you’re staying onsite it’s exactly 60 days from check-in. Not a calendar 2 months.

So for check-in on May 10th it will be March 11th.


Thank you! I did not want to have to get up early for no reason.