Dining Reservation System problems?

Does anyone know if there is a problem with the Disney Ding reservation system for reservations to the Hollywood Studios -Hollywood and Vine restaurant? Ive tried for weeks now at the 6:00am ET window to get reservations for a group of 10 a lunch reservation. to no avail. I’ve tried different combinations of times of day and fewer guests and still no availability. I was successful at the same time to get reservations in the hardest reservations at Disney. So my question is it possible this is THE toughest place to get a seating or is there something wrong with this restaurant? Please if anyone knows what is happening, I’d really like to know so I can stop trying.

Sometimes they don’t release the ADRs right at 180. I noticed that a late release can be associated with a special dining event (candlight processional 2015) but this is not always the case (HDDR 6pm ish time was very late 2016). Just keep checking. It also might be worth a phone call

Thanks for your reply. This has been weeks and the people at the dining reservations do not have a clue as to why.

Just a thought. Could it be it’s the number of people that’s the issue? Have you tried looking for say a 6 and a 4?

I had the same thought. I’ve encountered some restaurants that wouldn’t let me book for more than a certain number of people.

I have tried all configurations, usually a party of 4 gets seating. Nothing at all. Someone mentioned that they thought that they were re-setting the tables to see what works. Not sure about that.

Hmmm. If it was me and I really wanted the reservation, I’d call and see if they know anything at the reservation center.