Dining Reservation party members

I have a friend that is going to Disney with her family. She is on my friend’s list in MDE (no one else in her travel party is on my friend’s list).

If I book a reservation for her that requires pre-payment and I book it with me being the reservation contact but add her and someone else on my friend’s list as the 2nd and 3rd guest, will that mess things up when she and her family go to check in for the reservation?

Since I am not friends with the other two people in her party, I had no way to name those guests as part of the dining party. The reservation was for CRT so I had to just jump on the opening and figured I can sort out getting the right people on the reservation after the fact. Was that a bad assumption??

It will be just fine. It does not matter the names in MDE. Just make sure number of adults vs children is correct for the prepayment but even that can be corrected at the restaurant upon arrival.

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Thank you! That was my hope, with so little time to think about it, I just clicked and paid lol