Dining reservation experience question

So, i have a reservation for 12 for o’hana. i needed it for more than that. I am hoping something comes available prior to our trip. In the meantime, I spoke with the manager of the restaurant. She stated that generally i can have a few more than the registration is for and they will have no issues seating them. Anyone have any experience with that?
Also two of my group of 12 are 3 years old. Will they count them in the 12 or no since they are so small?

I would keep trying for another reservation.

They might be able to accommodate you but you could be waiting a while. And Ohara is notorious for being slow to seat you anyway.

Everyone needs to be included, even infants in high chairs as they still take up space.

And extra one or two people might be fine, more than that and I think it’s doubtful without a fair bit of luck. Unless you are dining at a less busy time.

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we are dining at 7:45am on a Friday. I am watching regularly for cancellations. Also put it out there on this site that if anyone is cancelling I am looking.

Did you set the reservation finder?

i did. i also try to check every few days for myself. it is not until December 6th. so i still have time. I feel like between now and then it is very possible someone will cancel.