Dining Reservation Day Tomorrow - order?

Tomorrow I make our dining reservations for our June trip. We are going to mostly play this trip by ear and focus on relaxing at AKL and doing what we feel like at the moment in the parks except for a few Genie +/ILLs and dining plans. We are only going for 5 days. DS13 requests are Oga’s and Garden Grill. I want to eat breakfast at Boma. DH just wants to sit on our AKL balcony with a cup of coffee - lol! So, I’m thinking Oga’s is the first priority reservation to try and get… Should I then try for Garden Grill and then Boma or the reverse?

Garden Grill then Boma I would say.

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Is it still a strict 6am eastern time log in or has dining been opening up an earlier? Will be 5 am for me…

Yup 6 am eastern standard time. Ogas first for sure especially with the shorter trip then garden grill. You should have a problem with Boma. I am still finding times for that for my trip 45 days away. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! We do Garden Grill every trip, and I still keep hoping breakfast will return there before June! I am most looking forward to Boma. :blush:


Garden grill is on my bucket list as well. We were supposed to do breakfast 2 trips ago. Cant wait for it to return!

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