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Does anyone know how to make dining reservations same time when different members of the group are going to different places? I manage all the profiles, no one else has an account. After I make the first reservation I cannot make another for other people in the group, it assumes I will be part of the second group and doesn’t give the option to use other profiles.

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They can do it if you call.

I just played around with this, and it lets you do it if you make the reservation that doesn’t include you first. Then make the other one that includes you. The “Reservation Contact” just has to be someone 18+ from your list. In fact, it even allowed me to make two at the same time with the same non-me person as the reservation contact. So it only stops a second reservation if the primary account holder (you) is already booked somewhere at that time, but doesn’t matter for anyone else.


Thank you that is very helpful. Once you make a reservation using another person in your family list as the primary it no longer gives you the option to cancel or modify online. It shows up in plans but just says reservation made by profile name. Any way to get it to where it would allow to cancel without calling if need be? Again these profiles are all run by me. No other accounts.

Just noticed that too. It won’t let me remove the reservation contact or cancel the res, so yet another strange glitch in this system. I’ll have to get on chat with a CM to get these mock ADR’s taken off I guess. To have both reservations be flexible with full control to quickly modify or cancel without having to call, it might take a second MDE account, set up in the name that will be listed as the reservation contact. You could still run it, but it would require a different email address than what you use with your main account. I can’t think of anything else yet. It shouldn’t have to be so hard to do this.

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Agree, please let me know if you find another way. Thanks again.

A CM just confirmed with me that once any reservation that doesn’t include yourself is made, it can only be modified from the MDE account of its reservation contact. (All it lets you do from your own account is remove people from the reservation that are not the reservation contact.) If that person doesn’t have a separate account, then you have to call to make any changes.

So, either set up a second MDE or be prepared to call if any changes end up being needed. Unnecessarily complicated.

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Well no, not really. Not from a system design POV.

The system is designed to stop people hoarding reservations. And the system is also designed so that only the lead guest can modify or cancel a reservation.

I know in your case you aren’t hoarding, but the system is working exactly as planned. The system now only allows the lead guest to modify or cancel. And I suspect if you call to do it the same thing would happen, only the person named as lead would be able to modify or cancel, so you would still have to call again to do so.

If you aren’t named on the reservation, how is MDE supposed to recognise that you can modify it legitimately? If you think about it, if the system allowed you to modify the reservation when you weren’t named on it, then I could cancel your coveted Cali Grill romantic anniversary meal if I knew the reservation number.

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Wasn’t there a right click loophole when you got the “conflicting time” error message to open a new window. Does that still work?

That allowed you to be on both reservations so could modify or cancel as normal.

They closed that loophole with a software update sometime last year.

Your points all make sense. It came off as unnecessarily complicated to me for this example though.

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Did they close it on the website too? It rings a bell about the app, and I think for a while at least it still worked on the website. But it could have been closed on there too.

It’s been so long since I had to make an ADR that I probably missed it. :cry:

Yes, closed. Opening in a new tab or page is no longer an option when you right-click on the time slot.

I remember some getting overlapping ADR’s by clicking directly on the link from the TP Res Finder, but I assume that stopped working too at the same time.

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