Dining recommendation

I have my ADR’s booked but I don’t like my options for one night. Staying at Poly and this is a MK day. right now I have both Chef Mickeys and 1900 Park Fare booked for dinner. My father in law HATES buffets, but he is with us for the entirety of the trip and this is the only buffet I have scheduled. My parents who are there for only a couple of days really deserve a better dinner for one of their 2 days. And as a group they prefer a table service dinner. BOG and CRT were already booked when started looking, and we are already eating at Ohana another night. Looking for a non buffet MK area recommendation for 8, that will satisfy the whole family. Kids are 4 and 7.

Head over to The Wilderness Lodge and if the budget allows have dinner at Artist Point.
If not Whispering Canyon is also decent - albeit a hidden Buffet - but with table service.

I agree - we HATE BUFFETS and the character meals are organized chaos in my mind.

The big question is - are they (grandparents) willing to do the buffet for the kiddies. If you are able to re-arrange things so that the buffets are on nights they aren’t there - I would do so. However if you are “stuck” and the kids REALLY want to see the characters - in this instance - Nanna and Poppie need to suck it up or dine elsewhere.

I am a HUGE believer that the vacations are just as much for the parents as the kids - as they parents are the one paying for it, organizing it, managing it etc. So I am NOT a “THE KIDS HAVE THE RUN OF HOUSE” type of parent but think that the adults have the better ability to be patient and flexible. As your kids are 4 and 7 they probably want to see the characters. I may suggest 1900 Park Fare as it may be a bit less chaotic than Chef Mickeys.

If you can switch - I agree with Artist Point.