Dining plans for our upcoming trip

@janamelia asked, over here, if I could share our ADR plans for our upcoming trip.

My wife and I have spent a lot of time working through the details of our trip. This trip is very food-focused, unlike any previous trip we’ve ever done. And, with all the changes in hours and what is opening, it has been “fun” figuring out where we’re going to eat where. To make matters worse, we are both kind of picky eaters in the sense that we aren’t into any fancy food. We rather like places like Chili’s to eat, and neither of us are keen on any food that was originally alive under water (except, perhaps, in the most inelegant form, such as beer-battered pollock or something).

So, anyhow, here are our plans as they stand now. Our 60 day ADR date is 14 days away. And we are staying at Boardwalk Villas for our trip.0

Dec. 1, arrival day: Lunch at DTW airport. Raglan Rd. in Disney Springs in the evening.

Dec. 2, HS day: Eat QS in the park for lunch (Backlot?). Take bus from HS to OKW and eat dinner at Olivia’s around 5:00 pm. This should give us time to check out OKW, eat, and still manage to get back on a bus back to HS so that we can walk back to Boardwalk.

Dec. 3, EP Day 1: Take MK bus, and walk over to Contemporary. Chef Mickey’s for breakfast, as well as check out any Christmas decor. We might also monorail over to GF to see Christmas decorations. Then bus from Contemporary or GF to Epcot. QS lunch (Sunshine seasons?). Then Via Napoli for dinner

Dec. 4, MK Day 1: Just QS in the park for lunch. For dinner, head over to WL to see Christmas decorations and eat at Whispering Canyon early enough that we can hopefully get back to MK and catch the bus back to Boardwalk. (Backup plan would be to take bus from WL to DS and then a bus back to Boardwalk from there…but hopefully not!)

Dec. 5, AK: Lunch at Yak and Yeti! In the evening, head to Disney Springs. My wife wants to try Poutine there, and I’ll probably get something from The Polite Pig or something.

Dec. 6, EP Day 2: Lunch around the World showcase food booths. Book San Angel Inn for dinner. (This was our one and ONLY Table Service restaurant during our honeymoon, so there is a nostalgia there…but we also considered La Hacienda, but the food choices there just didn’t appeal to us as much, so we’re going back to San Angel Inn for the ambiance!)

Dec. 7, HS Day 2: Head to HS and hop on a bus to AKL to check it out (hopefully see some Christmas decor). Then take bus back to HS. This day, we don’t have any planned ADRs. Just QS, probably eating at the Bakery at the Boardwalk for dinner.

Dec. 8, MK Day 2: Eating lunch at The Plaza. Dinner? QS.

Dec. 9, EP and departure day: Eating lunch around World Showcase again. We’ll likely have to catch DME around 4:00, so we’ll eat dinner at MCO.


Thank you.

More later as we leave in 2 hours for a karate tournament in Arkansas.

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Definitely interested in how you like Backlot Express - if you eat there - and Olivia’s.

What time are you aiming for Via Napoli?

I was wanting a few later suppers to get that walking out after hours feeling.

But then I remembered we’re going in December - sun sets earlier.

One supper I’m targeting sunset more than after park close, since we’re interested being in the park with the lights on.

We had breakfast at the Bakery at the Boardwalk last year. I liked my breakfast sandwich but was surprised at how narrow the guest area was. We ate outside which was nicely pleasant that morning.

We ate there in August. We were quite pleasantly surprised how good the food was there. I’d definitely rank it one of the best QS places at HS.

Around 4:45-5:00ish. Although for that particular meal, the time isn’t terribly crucial.

Yeah. We are definitely hoping to see the parks after dark. The only one we might not get to is AK if they continue with a closing time of 5:00. We’d like to see Pandora in the dark. Epcot, HS, and MK shouldn’t be any issue in terms of seeing things at night since they are closing well after dark in December.

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On one of our AK days I’m thinking of the Yak and Yeti restaurant for supper. As near to closing as I can get.

I’m surprised at how many ppl like and go to YY when it gets far more bad reviews. I was really disappointed when I finally got to eat there and plan on never going there ever again. Why not the Nomad Lounge instead, isn’t that TS? Even FTBBQ is better than YY, IMHO

I don’t think Yak and Yeti gets bad reviews at all. It is one of our favorite restaurants in all of WDW. Plus with a Landry’s card you don’t need an ADR and get seated quickly. I am pretty sure we have eaten at Y&Y every single AK park day in the last 5 years. Many great meals are served there. We love the Bhaktapur duck, coconut shrimp, the honey chicken, the Lo Mein, the Korean fried chicken, the mango pie, and the fried wontons.

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One man’s poison, eh?

If my group isn’t at NL look at how much space there is for others to enjoy. :shushing_face:

We do have one in our group who may not be able to resist this.

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This whole thread is making me hungry!

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Here’s from TP the ratings are SO poor unless I’m reading this incorrectly…

It’s ranked #14 out of 103 restaurants at WDW by TP and 91 percent gave it a thumbs up. Trip Advisor (my go to for restaurants wherever we travel) ranks it number 60 out of 2,429 restaurants in Orlando, and gives it 4.5 stars. Only negative thing I saw on TP page was overall 2 stars out of 4, but that kind of goes against the whole 14/103 restaurants. I would love to see who TP lists as numbers 1-13 but couldn’t figure out how to see it.


Well, I was concentrating on the two stars and I’ll never go there again, I can get more flavorful Chinese food at a local store or panda express. The food was bland, limp, disappointing. Service was horrible to boot. My two daughters thought it was awful too and I thought I remember hearing a TP pod cast slamming it. There are much much better choices in AK and DW than Y Y

Y&Y has 4.5 starts on TripAdvisor, and 4 stars on Yelp.

We’ve never been, so want to experience it given the rave reviews we’ve heard in the past. AJ from DFBGuide rates it highly as well.

But, we aren’t particularly picky in terms of food quality, I guess. After all, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese food from Lotus Blossom. :slight_smile:


It is not TS, it is a bar with a few – good – small plates. It is enough for a small meal, and I’ve done that, but not really a full blown TS lunch/dinner. That would be Tiffins

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We are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. The world would be a boring place if we all had the same tastes.