Dining Plan with Play, Stay & Dine? Good deal?

Appreciate any help/advice. I am fairly new to this forum.

OK…I LOVE Disney and we are taking our first family trip in January 2017. First for husband and kids (6 & 9). After much research I decided on POR. Did not want to go value as I want this trip to be special. My son has some challenges so the quiet of POR is a plus. We are driving. I am looking for feedback…

We got a package I am hoping this is a good choice. I really want to take my daughter to a Princess meal, birthday meal at Sci-Fi for my son, BOG, 'Ohana, CA Grill for Wishes, Sanna at Sunset with my husband. I LOVE to eat. We do not do apps but I LOVE my dessert and snacks. No alcohol for us. We would eat breakfast in the room/on the go. Kids are NOT big eaters. Admittedly they can be picky.

My first thought was I can bring lots of food and we would not eat out a lot. I was hoping for FREE dining. My calculations have us paying about $800 more for the dining. We are staying Sat thru Sat.

We are using a travel agent so she was able to get us our ADRs.

Specific dining questions:

  1. We are not soda drinkers. Can you get seltzer with lemon or lime? Are they only one drink at T and QS? Refills?

  2. I have heard you can get an adult QS meal with a child credit. Is this true? I am thinking my kids could share a meal. I am even thinking I could use a child credit for a meal for me sometimes.

I will definitely be using the Touring Plans, taking a break mid-day, sleep in one day…

Bring on the experienced advice…THANKS!

I plug my info into displanner dot com. This helps me guesstimate about how much dining will cost. I also used the kids quick service meals and strategic dessert and sides swaps to make the most of our QS credits. I also used a few QS at the flower and garden booths for three snacks.
QS credits are not delineated between kids and adults so yes you can split meals between all of the family. I did this quiteoften. And I also did it at TS meals between my older kids. For example at LTT lunch, I paid out of pocket, I split one hamburger adult meal between my kids, I got a salad entree, husband got pot roast and my youngest got a side salad and shared with husband.
We got two ooey gooey toffee cakes and shared. You might even be able to share on the DDP like this but be prepared the server may insist that the kids eat kids meals

Here is a link to that Dining plan calculator. $800 extra for the dining plan for a week for a family of 4? That is a great value! I heard on a podcast the other day that with Play, Stay and Dine the discount is taken from the dining plan and it must be true.

Have you made your reservation yet for your dining?

ADRs are mostly done…the important ones anyway. We got CA grill at 7:20p just before the fireworks, o’hana on our departure date for early dinner, Akershus and others. Now I am just mapping things out. Our travel agent got us a lot of great ADRs that we may not even use…Chef Mickey (I think this is too loud for my son) and a few others.

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Quickly using the calculator it looks like the DDP is a good option for us.

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