Dining plan start/expiration


Quick question about dining plan…and I know that people have strong feelings about the value v. lack of value/flexibility with the plan. Feel free to chime in on thoughts. We have been before with the dining plan and without.

If we arrive at 10am on February 16 and leave at 7pm on February 19, will we have access from the time we check in until 11:59pm on check out day? I’m leaning to dining plan because it would be 3 days worth of dining spread out over 4 days. 1 adult, 18 son and 16 daughter.

We are booked through MVT so the dining is an add on, not part of a Disney package. I can drop it and not affect my room rate.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Yes that would be the availability.


I am relying on this too. We have a 7 night stay with a dining plan at AKL then a 5 night stay without a dining plan at FQ. We will check in on line and then arrive to collect our tickets from AKL in order to RD on day 1. We transfer to FQ on day 8 and the DP expires on 23.59 that day. So basically maximizing the time we have to use the 7 night DP. I am hoping that when we check into FQ this will not cancel out our credits and they will in fact be available until 23.59 on our check out day from AKL.


Credits will not be cancelled!


I was actually just going to say that I’ve read about credits getting messed up when you check in to the second part of a split stay!

I think you just need to make sure before you try to use them @Welsh_Dragon, usually it’s fine and like everything else sometimes it’s not. But guest services would be able to fix it.


I think every case I’ve seen it was where they also had the DDP for the second stay.

But yes, the CMs at the front desk can fix any issues.


You’re probably right.


We have the deluxe plan. DP was ‘free’ and upgrade £600. Plan is to eat at Signature restaurants for 8 evenings to use up 16 table credits each and then waddle and starve😉 for next part of trip😂. DD24 and I are 163m/5ft4 and weight 8stone so this could be interesting. We will have something light during the day and I am hoping to give away the credits we don’t use.
Crazy Welsh lady offering to pay for your meal or treat your little ones to ice cream…that will be me.


This is my concern.


But it’s easily fixed so don’t be too concerned!


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