Dining plan - quick question, need confirmation or correction

I need someone to confirm this for me. If you are on the dining plan, and are at your quick service restaurant at your resort, because you have the refillable mug, you can substitute the drink that comes with your meal with a snack item and it won’t cost extra. Is that right?

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That is correct.


Thank you!

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When I’m on a dining plan, I will get a bottle of water with the QS meal at my resort and take the bottle of water with me to the parks.


I have heard this isn’t a fast and hard rule, that its up to the cast member and some resorts will let you do it and others won’t (or at least give you a hard time). I was thinking about doing what @cherokee_jacket does or getting my daughter a milk for her cereal in the morning (cereal brought from home). I guess that would only happen if I am going back to my room to put in the fridge.

We have done the same…

I was at Pop a few days ago. Subbed a dessert for a drink each meal with no problems. It just had to be a dessert labeled as a snack.

And we did it at POFQ. In fact any time I forgot, the CMs always reminded me to get a drink or snack.

If you use mobile order it always works. You can see it at the end next to the snack items it says included. When dealing with a castmember directly it was a hit a miss for us but most of the times we got our desserts that way.

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We had no problem doing this at Pop. We were all about maximizing value from the dining plan (we had a free dining package), and this was a good way to do that! (We definitely changed our usual eating habits - encouraging kids to get that $7 package of gummy worms or take the fancy massive cupcake that I knew they’d only eat 2 bites of, but hey, it’s vacation!). It was also a way to get multiple breakfasts using 1 QS credit - a bounty platter could feed 2, plus a yogurt parfait included as the snack for my breakfast.