Dining plan questions

Hi…I’m sure this has been asked before but I’m pretty sure that there is no set answer and it depends what the workers are willing to do. If I take a regular dining plan (a table service and a quick service, plus a snack each day) can I decide to downgrade my table service meal? I’ve seen people ask about whether they can split the table service meal into 2 quick service meals but I’d even be willing to just use it for 1 quick service. Is this allowed or not? I do understand that we get all of our meal credits at the beginning of the day and we don’t have to use them in any particular order. I’m just thinking that I will probably have one table service meal approx. every other day.

Your dining plan credits for your entire stay are pooled and you can use them from check in until midnight on check out day. You don’t have to use any on one day and you could use all of them on another day. Eg you could use just QS credits one day and just TS credits the next day. I don’t know about using TS credits for QS meals, I think this is cm dependent, but if you were only thinking of doing this so you didn’t have to eat TS every day then you don’t have to. You could also visit some 2 TS credit restaurants if you think you’ll have too many TS credits. Remember QS portions are large (in my opinion) and we often shared two between three of us, especially if we swapped out desserts it drinks for extra sides, so I’d say it’s unlikely you’ll run out of QS credits.

If you don’t want the amount of food that the dining plan gives you, then you really shouldn’t get it. The price does not present a discount over what you would pay out of pocket for the same food. So, essentially, you would be paying $40 for a hamburger or other quick service meal. The dining plan also does not give you any additional convenience because you could just as easily charge to your magic band. Maybe If it is free dining it would still be worth it, but then you should really look at doing some 2 credit meals. Hope this helps!


I agree that if you decided that you want a dining plan and it does no make sense to get quick service and pay for the few table service meals you want, you should maybe focus on two credit meals. Hollywood Brown Derby and LeCellier are two park resataurants that come to mind or Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Or, similarly, do the basic dining (which gives you 2 Quick Service meals/day) and just spring for those few table service meals you want to do.

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