Dining Plan Meals for Veggies (and Carnivores)

Hey Liners, just wondered if you learned folk could add to my list of already confirmed ADR’s for our two week stay next May.

I’m a carnivore, but my wife and step-daughter are both veggies and have been for decades.

I’m looking for additions to the below, mostly for dinner reservations that cater well for veggies or at least have items that can also take the obligatory goats cheese off the menu items! On our last visit two years ago, we tried Trails’ End as this was highly recommended for vegans but we found it to be a huge disappointment (ditto, Whispering Canyon).

The Wave (Breakfast)
Crystal Palace (Lunch)
Via Napoli (Dinner)
1900 Park Fare (Dinner)
Mama Melrose (Dinner)
Splitsville (Dinner)
Boma (Dinner)
'Ohana (Breakfast)

How have other veggies found it to customise options to make a meat meal a veggie meal for table service? For Quick Service, we know what we’ll expect, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on what made your meals your meals work for your vegetarians (and where, at any park or resort).

Saw this somewhere when searching for Vegan options - hopefully some help here for you…

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We found good options at most places!
The wave, via Napoli and boma are great choices. We found Mama Melrose a bit bland for veggies - I wouldn’t go back.

Other suggestions for you that we had success at were nomad lounge, satuli canteen, spice road table and California grill.


Disney has released new guides to help vegetarians and vegans (and others looking for plant-based foods) at the parks. You can get paper versions at the parks, but they have them online now too.

While I appreciate the effort other people have put in to assembling vegan/veggie food options on their blogs, I plan on following the Disney produced guide since they are the ones actually preparing the food. The other websites provide some great tips though. For instance, many of the blogs talk about Chef TJ (a chef famous for making vegan/veggie meals). He will make some amazing custom vegan/veggie meals for guests and point out what items on the buffet are suitable. He is at Cape May Cafe now, but was at Trail’s End. You might not want to try this if you didn’t care for Trail’s End when he was there (not sure if he was during your trip or not).

For our upcoming trip, we have two vegans and four non-vegans. We tried to find options that worked for everyone. We went with:

Sanaa (AKL) for dinner
Be Our Guest (MK) for lunch
The Crystal Palace (MK) for dinner
Casey’s Corner (MK) for lunch
Cape May Cafe (BC) for dinner
Docking Bay 7 (HS) for lunch
Artist Point (WL) for dinner

Plenty of snacks at Disney are naturally vegan like the standard popcorn, pretzels (without cheese) and Dole Whip (not vanilla).

1900 Park was our favorite dinner with a lot of vegetarian options and variety.
We have had more difficulty planning dinner options as vegetarians at table service restaurants, so have tended to do our main meal as breakfast and the quick service for lunch/dinner since we found so more variety/options. Garden Grill in Epcot has a veggie sausage that they will switch out for your at their breakfast, I’m sure other places will have similar, just none we have come across so far.

the suggestions shared so far are great. i’ve not had issues as a vegetarian. my favorites include saana (akl) satuli canteen (ak), and yak & yeti (ak). i had a great breakfast at garden grill (epcot) and veggie burger at d-luxe burger (ds). les halles in the france pavilion has yummy sandwiches and treats. the quick service food at the resorts—pop, gasparilla (gf), and pofq—have worked well, too. tangierine café in the morocco pavilion is on my list of places to try as is boma (akl) and nomad lounge (ak). there are lots of choices; i’ve never felt like i had to settle for less quality.