Dining Plan Incorrect in MDE?

I checked my reservation/tickets recently on MDE and under the Dining Plan bit it says:

Dining Plan: 2017 Disney Dining Plan 1 Quick Service Meal (TBX), 2017 Disney Dining Plan Table Service Meal - Child (TBX), 2017 Disney Dining Plan Table Service Meal - Adult (TBX)

My reservation should be 2 Adults both with a Disney Dining Plan. But that description seems to be suggesting that I have a child plan?

I emailed “support” (guest.mail@wdw.disneyonline.com) about it but they were no help as apparently they can’t see reservation details and told me to ring Disney Travel Operations at 407-934-7639 (407-W-DISNEY) but an international call (I’m in the UK) could get expensive fast so I thought I’d check here first to see if anyone has had the same experience?

Anyone know if the above is correct about the dining plan?
Or perhaps have a UK telephone number that can be used for support?

My in-laws reservation says the same thing. It’s a glitch on Disney’s end. As long as the reservation knows there are only adults in the room, the dining plan will be good for adults, they reassured me when I asked about it. I wouldn’t spend any money calling.

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I called Disney a few months back with the same issue, after a long wait in the que I was informed that its ‘just the software’ and all is OK.

If you wish to call them, it is FREE from the UK 0800 028 0778 lines open after midday UK time.

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It’s a known glitch, it’s not worth calling.

Where does it even have this info? I got a confirmation email, but I don’t see it listed anywhere on MDE?

From the home page of the MDE, after logging in, I clicked on “View My Tickets”

hmm, there’s nothing there but my tickets. I’m glad at least I have an e-mail confirmation. I was starting to get worried.

We just got back from our trip. I had the same concerns. I paid for 3 adult dinning plans for me, my wife, and our 11 year old granddaughter The MDE showed 2 adults and 1 child on the dinning plan. I phone Disney and they said it was an oversight in their programing. DON"T WORRY everything worked out fine for us. We had all the adult meals that we paid for. (3 every day)

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Same problem here also should say 4 adults but says 3 adults and 1 child😩