Dining Plan for March 2017

My family and I will be at Disney World March 5th-15th. We plan on arriving around noon on the 5th and will be heading home on the 15th. We also will be using the dining plan but do not plan on getting the park hopper. It will be myself, my husband and our two boys ages 8 and 3. (Almost 9 and 4 years old). We will be celebrating my birthday and our boys birthdays while we are on the trip. I would love any advice and suggestions that anyone has to make our trip extra special.

Monday – I am debating if we should do Chef Mickeys for dinner or the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage on our first night. I would love to go to MK after lunch but I’ve heard Mondays are pretty busy. We are not huge fans of Epcot but thinking we could go there and hit up a few Fast Passes before dinner.

Tuesday – (Animal Kingdom)
Breakfast – Tusker (Character Breakfast)
Lunch – Counter Service
Dinner – Counter Service

Wednesday – (Epcot)
Breakfast at-- In Room
Lunch – Counter Service
Dinner – Via Napolia – Plan to Pay OOP for this meal

Thursday – (Magic Kingdom)
Breakfast – Be Our Guest (Before park opening)
Lunch – Counter Service
Dinner – Counter Service
** If we do not do the Pirates and Pals Fireworks on Monday night we will do it this night or will do Chef Mickeys.

Friday – (Animal Kingdom)
Breakfast – In Room
Lunch – Counter Service
Dinner – Whispering Canyon Cafe

Saturday – (Hollywood Studios)
Breakfast – In Room
Lunch – Hollywood & Vine (Character and Fantasmic Dinner Package)
Dinner – Counter Service

Sunday – (Magic Kingdom)
Breakfast – Crystal Palace (Character) (Before park opening)
Lunch – Counter Service
Dinner – Counter Service

Monday – ANY PARK or SeaWorld
Breakfast – In Room
Lunch – Counter Service
Dinner – Ohana

Tuesday – ANY PARK or SeaWorld
Breakfast – In Room
Lunch – Counter Service
Dinner – Hoop Dee Do
** May do Campfire with Chip and Dale at Fort Wilderness if we have time**

Wednesday – (Magic Kingdom)
Breakfast – Ohana (Character)
Lunch and Dinner – On Road

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Also, what are good times to schedule meals above?? Will be making reservations in a few weeks.

So, you’re not eating on Sunday (the 5th), or having breakfast or lunch on the Monday (the 6th)? Or are your dates off up there?

We will be traveling on the 5th and then will probably grab counter service on the 6th for lunch. :slight_smile:

Are you checking in on the 5th? If that’s the case then you’ll have 10 TS credits, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t use one at Via Napoli.

Will be checking in on the 6th.

What about Garden Grill or Akershus for your Epcot day? It is a better use of the dining plan as far as cost goes. I personally do not plan character meals for arrival days anymore after some bad experiences with my own family. My kiddo tends to be tired and cranky the first day and not in the mood. So I’d do Chef Mickey’s that Thursday. Maybe try a brunch at Tusker House and only would need 2 real meals that day if it works for your family.

Do you know if Garden Grill will accommodate kids who will not eat anything on their menu?? have you ever done Garden Grill for breakfast??

Okay, so you’re still probably going to want to use one for the adults at Via Napoli, because that’s actually one of the better values (3rd best value among your choices) for a TS credit and pay OOP for one of the character breakfasts, which all have around a $30 pricetag. For reference, a TS credit is valued at about $35… Chef Mickey’s dinner, Ohana dinner, and Via Napoli are all well above $35 average, and Whispering Canyon is right around $35 average. HDD and H&V lunch are $33 so a bit under value, but still better uses than the three character breakfasts you’ve chosen. Overall you’ll still save money over paying out of pocket for everything.

Kids meals are worth around $15-20 pretty much everywhere except signature restaurants (where they have the same food but they charge $3-5 more for “the atmosphere”).

Thanks!! We were thinking about just getting a large pizza at Via Napolia that night? Can we share the pizza since we will not be using the dining plan? I had heard that with the dining plan I couldn’t share meals there?
Thanks for the help!

Their breakfast is pretty standard, and the cinnamon roll is really tasty. So is the raspberry mimosa (they brought it out as a “congratulations” on my graduation trip!) What is it that the kids will eat?

They will eat the breakfast but nothing on the dinner menu. :frowning:

The dinner menu is presented in a confusing way… since it’s family style they will bring large platters/bowls of everything on the adult part of the menu (including all of the sides) and your kids can eat from that if they like, so in addition to the chicken leg and turkey kids’ meal options they can also eat the fish or the beef and any of the sides that will already be on the table. If there’s still nothing they will eat then maybe you could call ahead and ask if they could make some eggs or something?

I would think any self respecting kid could get by on copious amounts of bread along with Mac & Cheese if nothing else.

Some kids are really picky about mac & cheese, but there’s also the mashed potatoes and veggies, too.

Yes, Via Napoli is a very inexpensive (by Disney standards) meal to pay out of pocket for. The dining plan will make you all use credits to split. If you are ordering something other than pizza the dining plan is fine. If pizza, pay out of pocket. It is probably the cheapest table service we have ever done at WDW.

My son is actually autistic and is a very picky eater. He is very respectful though.

Thanks!!! I’m sure they will eat something there if I decide to book. Thanks for all your help!


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I guess the question becomes “what will he eat”? The menu there is fairly diverse and since it is family style if there’s only one thing he will eat, they’ll keep bringing it to him until he’s full. If nothing at all on the menu looks like he’d eat it, I’d suggest calling to see if they can accommodate along with details on what he does eat. It is one of my favorite character meals and is good for both Breakfast & Dinner…

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Yy[quote=“Nikkipoooo, post:8, topic:26732”]
want to use one for the adults at Via Napoli, because that’s actually one of the better values (3rd best value among your choices) for a TS credit

Did you see at somewhere? I have always heard that since they charge everyone at the table one credit each it is a much better OOP value?