Dining plan for DVC

I am a DVC owner who will be staying on points in 2 studios, me and husband in one and son and a friend in the other. I can purchase the quick service dining plan for only one room, right? I was thinking it might be nice to share between the 4 of us. Actually we have a split stay, so I’d have to add it to their room for both stays if I want it for the whole week? In 20+ years of going, I’ve never used a dining plan! My son and friend are 21, so bonus that alcohol is included now!

Yes, you can add it for one room. You should be able to add it online, otherwise Member Services can add it for you. You’ll need to pay for it when you add it,

Thanks! For the split stay, If we check out of resort #1 then go straight to AK for the rest of the day, will the credits from the first stay still be valid? I might just do the dining plan for the first stay and not the second. I would hope I could still use the credits until the end of the day on which I checked out of resort #1, but I thought some people had complained that the split stay screwed this up.

The credits will be valid until midnight of check-out day.

If you have the dining plan on both stays, then you must use all your credits from stay #1 (including snack credits) before using any credits from stay #2.

If you do have any problems, then use your magic band to pay, keep the receipts and the CMs at the front desk of the second resort can deduct the credits and refund the cash.

One tip. Make sure you physically check-out of your first resort. Doesn’t take long, just go the front desk. Not checking out of the first resort is what can cause problems, not the dining plan per se.

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Great thanks so much. I think if I add DDP, it will just be for the first part. I’ll would only have 1.5 days at the end that won’t have DDP.

Glad to see you’ve done the math on it, too many people don’t!

You still want to make sure you check out of the first resort.