Dining Plan Credits / What To Pay Out Of Pocket For

We are using the Dining Plan on our next trip. We have reservations that require 40 TS credits however we receive only 28 TS credits. 2 adults / 2 kids

Which meals should we pay out of pocket for that would make the most sense economically?

BOG Dinner (4 credits)
CRT Lunch (8 credits)
Akershus Lunch (4 credits)
Tusker Lunch (4 credits)
Sci Fi Lunch (4 credits)
Garden Grill Breakfast (4 credits)
Rose Crown Dinner (4 credits)
Yak Yeti Lunch (4 credits)
Ohana Breakfast (4 credits)

Thanks for your help, I am having a hard time figuring out the prices as the menu’s don’t always include!

Next Trip 2/24-3/3
POP Century

I would probably say do OOP for Garden Grill and 'Ohana. Those are the least expensive of the fixed price meals.

Try using https://www.distripplanner.com
It’s not entirely the most accurate, but it will tell you which meals it thinks you should pay out of pocket and a rough idea of what you’re likely to pay.

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We went last year and I would say to definitely use it for Akershus. That was the only restaurant I remember seeing the bill for and it was about $180 for 2 adults and 2 children.

I am not an expert in the others, but from what I understand, breakfasts are cheaper than lunches and dinners so you may want to out of pocket the breakfasts. Good luck :slight_smile:

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I would probably second @lizzieanne771 about the breakfasts.

However there is another way of looking at it. Haven’t you already pre-paid CRT? In which case, it’s done, it’s paid and when you’re at WDW you won’t have any more meals to pay for.

Sci Fi very much depends on what you order too. I found our meal wasn’t too expensive really by Disney standards, but that would only account for 4 of the 8 credits you need to save.

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It appears that you can now prepay using your dining credits - so if they booked using the credits, that’s done.

If they paid it OOP already though, I agree with you. There are the 8 credits to lose right there.


I think paying for the one CRT lunch will save you more than two other meals.


We have the DDP which reserves CRT without pre-paying.

Thank you I will use this!

Also another question. Is it mandatory for all guests in our CRT party to purchase the meal? I am not a fan of the food there and would rather eat something else before or after. I called and the cast member said yes each guest is expected to purchase a meal. However I did not know if that is strictly enforced.

I would recommend sharing meals where you can. For buffets or places with set plated menus ('Ohana and Garden Grill) that won’t be possible. But you could share at Yak and Yeti, Sci-Fi Diner, and BOG. Also, you don’t all have to pay the same way. We went to Kona and used two adult table service credits but paid out of pocket for our kids because the kids meals were more affordable than a kid’s meal at Garden Grill. It will take a bit of research, but go in with a plan of the best use of each credit and places where you could share meals and/or supplement with an appetizer.


I’m wondering why you have 28 credits? I thought the DDP entitled you to 3 TS per day per person. With a party of 4 that would be 12 TS credits per day.

sorry it is just the DP I was thinking Disney Dining Plan I will edit :slight_smile:

We did get the deluxe plan once… Way too much food

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You are thinking of the Deluxe Dining Plan not the Disney Dining Plan. DXDP vs DDP

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Ok got it! I went through so many combinations when we were deciding if we should do a DP. Any meals that also offered a pass to show seemed to be best the value (like Tusker house with ROL or a F! package). BOG was a good QS credit. WDWprepschool.com has a list of best table service credits with average prices included.

I thought I was almost fluent in those abbreviations but I guess I’m not quite there yet!

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LOL I hate acronyms they sometimes give me a headache.

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With the Disney Dinning plan keep in mind just what you get. 1 table service per person per day. One quick service meal per person per day. 2 snacks per person per day. I have a hard time seeing where you will have to pay anything out of pocket if you plan your meals right. Table service meals require each person to give up one credit or two if it is a signature restaurant. Quick service on the other hand are good for breakfast and or lunches with no need to buy one per person here you can share. Now don’t forget snacks of 2 per person. Many quick service places will allow you to buy one food item for a snack credit. With two snacks per person that is a meal in itself. All credits are interchangeable so except for the Table service you can switch the rest around. I may be misunderstanding here what your looking for but most people do quick service credit or snacks for breakfast and or lunch not table service.

Thanks for your advice. I have the table service meals that we want to do on this trip decided understanding that I could forgo one or two of them and easily distribute our credits so that we would not need to pay out of pocket. However we definitely want to take the girls we are bringing to these meals which are mostly character. I am just inquiring as to what makes the most sense to pay out of pocket for, :slight_smile:

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I would do Sci Fi and Yak & Yeti, out of pocket. They are lunches and average less then Ohana and Garden Grill. Also keep in mind that Yak & Yeti also has a Quick Serve Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes.

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