Dining plan choices

So planning early for next year as have a busy few months with work, so want to be clear in my plans. We are there for 10 nights ( OKW) on regular dining plan. these are my dining plans
day 1: arrive late so might pop to springs by boat for a quick meal, possible wolfgang express 1 QS
2) early lunch at BMG evening T rex 1 QS 1 TS
3) breakfast Arkhuss late lunch / early supper at sunshine seasona 1 TS 1 QS
4) lunch at typhoon lagoon, dinner Sanaa 1 QS 1 TS
5) lunch flae tree bbq, diinner Tusker house ( hopefully ROL package) 1 QD, 1 TS
6) lunch abc commissary, dinner sci fi dine in 1 QS 1 TS
7) Out to NASA for the day 0 meals on plan
8) QS meal at blizzard beach, dinner Tepaan edo 1 QS, 1 TS
9) gospel brunch at house of blues, dinner santuli canteen 1 TS, 1 QS
10) unknown lunch ( will depend which park kids want to go to / shopping) early dinner park17001 QS 2 TS
11) bon voyage breakfast 1 TS
this is a total of 9 QS adn 10 TS credits, so may have a QS breakfast somewhere one morning, but my son is gluten intolerant so QS breakfast not as easy ( TS is fine)

I think i have a variety of meals planned, a bit disappointed cant fit in the california grill, might even change the park1700 for this but not sure as yet

What do you guys think??
my kids will be 16, 13 & 9. relatively adventurous food wise, Def need to do house of blues as my eldest and hubby love gospel music/ blues

Are you counting 1700 as two?

It looks like that to me too.

I like all your choices except T Rex. I’d pick Raglan Road or Homecomin’, or even Planet Hollywood if you want that themed vibe. I’d think your oldest 2 would be way too old for T Rex, and even your youngest would be on the cusp. Though I’m 43 and like character meals, so maybe I’m wrong!

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Oh! I completely agree! I would also pick Raglan for dinner , Homecoming or Morimoto if it is lunch.

ooh thank you, thought it was 2.
means i have a spare 1 .

do you think over the 10 days we will only order 3-4 main meals enough times in order to get 5 spare TS credits? coudl then swap t rex for california grill

just recalculated, and have made t rex into california grill and dec 1700 park fare and it is now 10 credits total. so that looks like a plan