Dining plan and dvc

We are DVC members renting a 2 bedroom at Saratoga Springs, we are getting the dining plan for our 8 day stay. My sister who is joining us (she is on our reservation as well) will only be there for 5 of the 8 days, can she get a shorter dining plan?

Hi @gopper, Unfortunately the dining plan is for the duration of your stay - everyone staying under your reservation must have it for the entire 7 nights

cate104 is correct, last year my brother and his kids joined us(we are DVC as well), his workplace decided week before we left he had to come back 3 days early, tried to get something sorted out for him, they would not, with the dining plan, it seems to be an all or nothing scenario.

Two things to note here…

  1. It might be too late, but if you can arrange the 8-night stay as consecutive 5- and 3-night stays you can buy dining plans separately for the two stays.

  2. The credits belong to the room, not necessarily the individual. If someone has to leave early, the remaining credits can still be used by anyone else on the same reservation, which would allow you to cover some additional meals for the rest of the party. (Assuming the departing member doesn’t find a way to use up the extra credits early :wink:)

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@Kevin_Krom makes a very important point here that applies to regular reservations as well as DVC - the dining credits apply to the reservation as a whole and they can be used at any time during your stay (you are not limited to the number of credits “earned” per day for a given day).

Thank you so much for all the suggestions, I’ll give them a try, Thank you!