Dining Plan and Check in on MYW package

Hi everyone!
We arrive in FL on Dec 18th, staying at a cheaper off-site hotel, then our CSR ressie begins Dec 19th including the dining plan. My intention was to do online check in and head straight to the parks for RD on the 19th. My concern is with the meal plan. I have read I have to physically check in with the hotel in order for our meal plan to be active on the MB…this is my first time staying onsite with the dining plan, so I am trying to figure it all out.

Any advise on what to do for arrival day would be great. Trying to avoid the detour of stopping by the hotel prior to park opening.



I think in theory it should work but there have been a few post recently in chat that people had to go back to the resort and check in. I think it would be very frustrating to have to leave the park and go to the resort. To be safe I would go to the resort. You can go at 7:00am.

Thank you PrincipalTinker! That’s what I was thinking too unfortunately…guess it will just get my family used to waking up early:)