Dining plan Alcoholic bev

i want to maximize my money in my plan does anyone know if table svc places will let you have the alcoholic drinks of others meaning if i have 2 kids that i pay for adult pricing will they give me their alcoholic drinks? we paying for them has anyone had issues

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I don’t know firsthand, but there is a thread on the Disboards and many are reporting no.

That is a very good question. I’d like to know that too. If you can share meals on the dining plan and the plan is not tied to each person but pooled you would think so.

Just thought I’d bump this up as I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere - so if I’m getting QS with my teenage daughter - 2 adult meals and she doesn’t want a drink - can I get 2 or are alcoholic drinks only per adult over 21?

I also have another related question for anyone with experience - if I get a QS lunch in my resort, will I be able to get beer or wine sealed so I can put it in my fridge for later, or will they always serve it open? I’m about to do my Garden Grocer order and might not bother ordering any beer this time!