Dining Page- Format Updated

I think folks were reporting a somewhat extended outage of the dining page earlier this week? I’ve been on the page just now for the first time in a while I think and the formatting is all different. Does it look different for others? I don’t know that I care for the layout or the way the filters are set up now.


The web page, on a desktop, is different but the MDE dinning is unchanged.

I did notice that change yesterday (also not a fan). I was on a desktop.

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Right I think that’s why I didn’t notice til now - I’ve been looking at the menus the last couple of days but using my phone to do so.

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I have less issues w/ MDE than the webpage so I rarely make ADRs on my desktop anymore.

Meh, it annoys me more that when I do a search for a meal at a specific time (eg. lunch) it not only lists the results with a priority of “featured” restaurants, but gives me non- lunch time availability (Oga’s at 9:35am).

Trying to figure out where to have lunch on my last day next month.

Where are you eating prior to that last day, where are you checking out of, and what time are you leaving property?

Hoop de Doo Musical Review
Raglan Road
Oga’s Cantina (lunchtime)
Flying Fish
Topolino’s (breakfast)

I generally spend my last day at MK, but could rationalize DHS or EPCOT if pressed.

My flight is at 7:30pm, figure I need to leave for my resort (POFQ) by 3:30p. Haven’t decided if I am doing Mears or Uber yet.

You are giving yourself a whole lot of time! If Uber/Lyft, I would leave POFQ at 5:30. I like to live dangerously. :rofl: @Julianne_fki likes to as well, she would still be in a park at 5:30.
Now I see you said leave for resort, not leave resort, so that’s a little better. :grin:


I figure if I aim for 3:30, I have wiggle room until 4:00 ish.

Gives me time to grab my bags, and change (at least my shirt) so I am not a hot sweaty mess before leaving for the airport. :grin:

ETA: I also have TSA Precheck, but have to check a bag so I can push a little bit, but not too much!


Well, technically that is considered lunch there.

If you have family in tow like mine, I tell them an hour earlier and by the time it’s all said an done we’re on my intended time :laughing: