Dining Packages

Considering ROL and Candlelight Processional Dining Packages. I read on an older post that you have to eat 2.5 hours prior to the show for eligibility. I can not find anything more recent. We wanted to do breakfast for both but obviously the show will be hours later and I do not want us to be ineligible. Can anyone confirm?

You book under the dining packages on the Disney website. It will list all available times for dining under that package. Typically the last times available are several hours before the show. Do not book under just the restaurant, as that would be a regular ADR and would not get you into a show as a dining package.

I don’t recall ever seeing a Candlelight Processional breakfast option. I believe Tusker House does have ROL add-ons for Breakfast though which are reasonable value.

The 2.5 hour limit is that you can’t eat to close to your scheduled show time so that there’s no risk you’d miss the show due to your meal. Eating earlier isn’t a problem, but do make sure you book the Package and not a regular ADR…

I’m fairly sure there’s a breakfast option at Bon Voyage, and Akershus. Not sure about Garden Grill though.

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Looks like in '17 there was breakfast CPs available at Akershush, Ale & Compass, GG and Trattoria al Fornia. Thanks - hadn’t realized that was an option…

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