Dining Packages Release Dates?

We are going the first week in January 2016 and just made our dining reservations. We got every restaurant we were hoping to get (YEAH!!)! I really wanted to take advantage of some of the Dining Packages (Fantasmic, Electromagic Parade, and AK Night Show), but none of them were available. Does anyone know what the typical release date for those is so that I can start looking? I really wanted to at least try to get a Fantasmic dining package!!! :slight_smile: Thank you!

They don’t release these dining packages until the actual show times are finalised and made public. F! Will prob be lunch only as the show will be very early. Our last visit F times we’re not released until 4-5:months out. Just keep an eye on the show times being put on mde and dinner packages will be loaded within a week.

Fantasmic Dining is showing availability for the begining of Jan for both lunch and dinner. Just found H&V at 4:45pm on the 2nd.


You just MADE MY DAY! I checked this morning and they weren’t there! :slight_smile: I just got one for the day/time I needed! THANK YOU!!!

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You’re welcome, my ADR window was a few weeks ago, and I still have a couple of tabs open permanently.