Dining Package Views

Hello, we’re thinking about doing the dining packages for Fantasmic and World of Color. We’ll have three kids between 2-5, so we were wondering about the views from the following locations.

For Fantasmic, we were thinking of doing the tables at Riverbelle Terrace, which would be more convenient with three littles, plus save us sitting on the concrete for a long time. Is the view from the terrace decent, or do you think I’d have to carry them or have them stand on chairs?

(On a similar note, is the view of the fireworks right after decent from the tables? Do they still do fireworks every night in the summer?)

For World of Color, I’ve never done a dining package, but we were thinking the Wine Country Trattoria. I’m sure we’ll have to stand in a special area, so similar question: would the kids probably have to be carried or sit on shoulders (which I rather not do because it blocks the view for those behind me)?



When we did this in 2017 with 3 littles, we were able to get a rail-side table that was closest to the center of the show and it was amazing. Our kids were 6, 4 & 4 months and the two older ones sat in their chairs & we held the infant in my lap. BUT we haven’t repeated it because I wouldn’t want to pay the same premium charge for any of the tables behind the rail-side tables which would have views in between people’s (sitting down) heads. Depending on where you are in the section your kids may have to stand on the chair to get a view of the show from a table further back.

I do believe that if you book it right as dining opens you’re much more likely to get those rail-side tables but that is just my personal best guess at what Disney does & not actually confirmed what they do.

They should do fireworks every night in the summer. Unfortunately, the trees will block some or a majority of your view of the bursts of actual fireworks. How much of the view is obstructed will depend on where on the patio your table is located. You will have a great view of the projections on the water screens (same ones used for Fantasmic! will be used for the fireworks show projections) and you’ll hear all the music too & honestly with 3 littles (if dining with your family is anything like mine) you might not be through with dessert & settled with the check by the time the Fantasmic starts (dinner is always at the same set time of 8 or 8:15 and the show starts right at 9) so your server will probably wrap that all up in the short few minutes between Fantasmic & fireworks so your best bet to have any experience of the fireworks is to stay put. If you have a 3rd night, you can prioritize a night where you do have a better view of the bursts OR you can instead do one of the dining packages (sorry they are all sitting on the ground) and will not have as many trees blocking the bursts. You can show up with as little as 30 minutes before the show and stand in the spot you’ll be sitting in up until 10 or so minutes before the show if that helps the experience at all.

The World of Color dining packages are all standing sections and if you want a railing where your kids can more easily see without being lifted, you’ll have to show up just as early as you would for a Virtual Queue (45-60 minutes before showtime) so IMO there is zero advantage to the dining package. If you really want to not stress about getting setup at a railing spot & not hold the kids, the dessert party is the best option. It is pricy and the desserts very much just ok, but it’s the convenience of the seat & easy access to a good view that you are paying for. We usually look for a railing near the back of the Virtual Queue section about 40-45 min in advance and bring corn dogs (or ice cream if we already ate dinner earlier than 8pm) with us and have a picnic until show time.