Dining package ADR -> regular meal ADR?

We’re not sure how many of us are going to want to see the candlelight processional, but if we do, we want to book the package at Marrakesh. How easy/possible is it to change a candlelight processional package ADR into a regular meal ADR? What’s the timing for that change? And can you do it for part of the party?

It’s a separate booking “category”, in that they hold back places for the dining packages. You would need to rebook for those that want the dining package, and they can to very fast.

This is especially true of the Candelight Processional packages once they are released. And any that are left will disappear in an instant once narrators start being announced.

So you can’t go the other direction easily either? (If you have the CP package but decide you just want dinner)

You could always just not use the passes (or give them to someone in the stand-by line), but you could not just pay for a regular meal.

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But that comes at a cost. If on the DDP CP is a 2 credit meal so it’s a steep cost. If paying out of pocket, it looks like Biergarten goes up around $13 for CP - not ridiculous and perhaps worth the flexibility, but…

Overall I think the best choice is to figure out who wants to do the CP now prior to booking any ADRs…

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I wasn’t saying it was cheaper - or that it is really something to do as not only is is more expensive but it would take away the chance for CP for someone who legitimately wants to do it and isn’t just grabbing any old ADR they can get.

What we’ll probably do is book both and then shrink the reservations appropriately. What’s the cancellation policy on ADR’s at Marrakesh? And with CP package?

ADRs at Marrakesh is easy - full cancellation 24 hours ahead, or pay $10 per person on the reservation. As long as at least 1 person arrives for the reservation, it’s considered fulfilled. You can modify the reservation via phone or online at any time, but, it’s not necessary to avoid cancellation fees, unless you’re all skipping the meal.

I don’t know what the cancellation policy is for the CP meals.

Googling seems to indicate 2 days notice on the cancellation policy for CP, although that data is circa 2015 so it might have changed.