Dining - Order of booking

Hey there. I’m planning my dining out for our trip in August (almost at the 60 day mark!). Below are the hard to get reservations that we really want (I have others that are less stressful as well). Which of these should I try for first, second and so forth:

California Grill (last day of our 8 day trip)
Space 220
Oga’s (2 days we could do potentially do this)
Via Napoli
Yak & Yeti (2 days we could potentially do this)
Sci Fi
Cinderella’s Table

You’ve got quite a few tough ones there. It would be helpful to know which day of your trip you were going for each one.

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Here are the days I’m looking at:

I think this order:
Space 220
Sci Fi
California Grill
Via Napoli

Unsure about:
Yak & Yeti

I suggest this order because I’ve been lurking and watching ADRs in advance of our trip. I’m noticing that people are cancelling Oga’s, and there’s been availability. I’ve seen Via Napoli become available off and on. California Grill–people seem to cancel right before. For all of these, set alerts, mouse dining or whatever you like to use if you aren’t lucky right away.

I have seen very, very few cancellations for Space 220 and CRT. Sci Fi, maybe one or two. I put it before CRT because you have two options for CRT and one is later in your trip.


Delaying Oga’s might be a good idea, depending on what you’re looking for.
A lot of ppl enjoy going there right at closing. This makes it difficult to obtain the ADR as long as WDW is continuing their practice of not correcting their park hours until they’re three weeks away.