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Hi everyone, I’m going to WDW for the first time with my daughter. I am holding reservations for dinner at Be Our Guest and Akershus, and Bon Voyage breakfast at Trattoria al Forno, but can’t afford to do all of them so am planning to cancel at least one. Which would you recommend I keep, and why?
Second question - is the food any good if you are a vegetarian? The veg options, especially at BOG, don’t look very appealing or child-friendly (she’s over 9), and while I know it’s not really about the food, I don’t want to spend a huge sum of money on a meal she won’t eat. Everyone seems to make such a big deal of BOG, but is it really worth it? Any other thoughts? Thanks very much - I think this website and community are fabulous.

If you want to see inside the castle consider keeping BOG and just get a cupcake…we did this for breakfast one morning and it was really fun!

I would definitely drop Be Our Guest. Although it is just about the same amount of money as Akershus, the beast is the only character. Unless eating in the castle at night will be magical for her. Recently I took my 30 year old niece to dinner and she said it was one of the best things she did all year (and she got married in June :flushed:).

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I am a vegetarian, and have had breakfast at BoG and Akershus, vastly preferred the food at Akershus. Is your daughter into princesses? BoG has just the Beast at dinner, so if she’s wanting to knock out some princess autographs I’d keep either Akershus or Trattoria.

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We did BOG breakfast which is a QS credit instead of 2 TS credits. While I waited for food my wife and kids explored the dining rooms. Akershus and Bon Voyage were both good. You are going to get repeats of Ariel and Rapunzel though.

It sounds like you are paying out of pocket so I would consider using the reservation finder and looking for a lunch time. It will get you into the castle at a reasonable price.

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You can’t do this at dinner anymore though, it’s a prix fixe meal these days. But definitely a good idea during the day if you just want to see inside.

We loved Akershus in October. Breakfast is less expensive than lunch and dinner. We ate at Be Our Guest for dinner before the fixed price menu, it was very good, but I won’t do dinner at the new price. I will do lunch. I have not done Trattoria al Forno, but am hoping to get a reservation this December.

We are a veg family and loved breakfast at Trattoria and the character experience was fantastic!

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Rapunzel isn’t typically at Akershus, though.

Ok she was there on 1/3 when we were there

One nice thing about Akershus is that there is a buffet as well as the food they bring to the table. I think there are a lot more options that way. Akershus is our favorite restaurant; and TaF is the best breakfast I’ve had at WDW. BoG was great the time we went for dinner, but they changed the menu after that and made it fixed price, which made me decide not to go again.


Sometimes they sub one for another. One time I saw where they subbed Merida at TaF. That would have been great!

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TaF we will for sure so again for breakfast. We loved it.

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Thanks to all who have replied. Sounds like I should probably cancel BOG dinner and go for breakfast there if possible. I can’t wait…! We did the princess lunch at Disneyland Paris a few years ago and my daughter, bless her, was quite concerned about why Aurora was wasting her time hanging around in a restaurant instead of being with her family and Prince Philip. A bit older now, and she now knows it’s not really Aurora, but she’s still got that wonder and excitement.

Breakfast entrees at BOG are a fixed price and more expensive than many table services. You could share entrees but if you want to eat at BOG I would consider lunch.

You can just order cupcakes or a drink though right? Not that it would be a healthy breakfast, but it is an option.

You can, but you do that for lunch too? You just have more options for reasonable priced entrees at lunch if a child wants to truly “eat in the castle”.

Edited to add, I just see one cupcake on the breakfast menu- I think there are still more at lunch?

Yes that’s true. We did lunch because I don’t really like any of the other QS options.

I was really hoping Merida would be there when I went in September, but no. Maybe someone will have business when I go on my birthday trip. (ADR day is not until next Monday, but I have faith I will get one! I have 5 mornings - 6 if I go for the latest time on my arrival day since I land at 7:30am!)

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