Dining Opens for me today - Need help with priority

Liners! Tonight at 3am AZ time, I get to make my dining plans. Can you advise on which ones I should try to get first? Example, I know Topolino’s brunch will be gone almost immediately but i’m not sure on the rest of them. Here’s what I have:

  1. Topolino’s brunch
  2. Le Cellier
  3. Sci Fi Fantasmic Dining package
  4. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’
  5. Biergarten
  6. Boma
  7. Sanaa

Thank you in advance!

Topolinos and Homecomin should be your priorities followed by Sci Fi.

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Also, don’t be surprised if the Fantasmic Dining packages aren’t loaded, you sometimes need to wait a few days.


I think Biergarten could be left for last. It’s a big place. Almost all tables are for 8, so you often sit with strangers, communal style. They just have to figure out how to fit groups together to best fill that table.

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I was able to get 50s prime time dining package day off. Sci-fi is a bit harder, but don’t get distressed if it’s not available tonight.

Also, if you don’t get the perfect time you were dreaming of, book it anyway and keep trying to reschedule.

Thank you all for your input! I got all my dining reservations, even the Sci Fi Fantasmic package. Homecomin’ was the only restaurant I had problems getting. Had to reserve a wonky time i’m hoping can be modified later. I’m most excited about Topolino’s character breakfast since it’s a bucket list item. Liners are the best!! Thanks!