Dining Modification

My two adult daughters and a friend are visiting in January. The little dearies forgot about their old man and made all their dining reservations for their group of three. So… Once you have a table, is it easy to change reservations from 3 people to 4 people, or am I stuck eating Friars Nook pizza while they do character dinners?

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For the most part, a party of 3 is usually seated at a table for 4. You should have a seat at the table to eat and to meet with the characters.

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The only place I’ve ever seen a table set up for three is Ohana. Usually, it’s a four top, so you should be fine.

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I don’t think Friars Nook has pizza, but don’t look down upon the mac & cheese tots!


:joy: no, there is no chance that will happen! Others might chime in but in my observation, most tables are set up for even numbers (the 3 will probably be sat at a 4 top). Anything that they can’t modify online, I would just show up for. More often than not, I think you will be accommodated.

I could see some variation of this happening in my life. :rofl:

When you check in on the app, it lets you adjust your group by 1 then. Or just tell them upon arrival “we ended up with 4” and you won’t have any issues. Tweaking by 1 is no problem - especially 3 to 4…

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Agree this id a reason to use the app check in! Let’s them know a few minutes early you have one more coming.

I have wanted to they the Friar’s Nook tots, but not sure I would want that as my sole food source!

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