We are debating what to do for dinner before the Halloween Party. Currently we have reservations at Whispering Canyon for 5:00. We plan on doing a water park in the morning. We are staying at Beach Club. Is that too late for reservations to get to the Party? We can do a 2:40 there, but that would mean we would have to trek back to BC after eating, to put on our costumes, then right back to MK. Would eating at 2:45 at Liberty Tree or something like that make more sense? Not sure which direction to go. I guess we could even head to Epcot for an early dinner/late lunch as well. Help!!!


Well all I can do is tell you my plans. I intend to sleep in and relax the morning of the MNSSHP, and have a 2pm reservation at Saana for lunch. I will pack my costume with me, which is a simple pirate tshirt and some extras, and I intend to be at MK for 4pm, on my Party Ticket.

You could do a big lunch somewhere, then snack or CS at the MK.

What we did last year was relaxed in the morning, had a light lunch at hotel than went to party around 4:30 and Grabbed Casey’s on the way in. It was quick and we could ride before the actual party started! Then we got pretzels/snacks while waiting for first parade! I will warn you… Don’t over pack your day beforehand… It’s a long and busy night doing the party! But… Sooooooo much fun!!!

Thanks for the feedback. Anyone else think this is too late for arrival? Thinking maybe we should move to earlier to get more out of our tickets that night. But only chance to try Whispering Canyon.

You have to do what you feel is right for you and your family. What does everyone in your family say??

We liners can only give our opinions. Personally I have only told you what I am doing, not what you should do.

I know you came looking for advice, and you have gotten some feedback, now it is your turn to pick what is best.

If you really want to go to Whispering Canyon, then do so, and don’t think about what if’s! Talk to your family and let them help the decision.

Thanks Jedi. I appreciate the comments. Unfortunately my wife is a more go with the flow and doesn’t like to plan. So it’s all on me! We are surprising our kids at school next week, so they don’t know. I appreciate reading all the comments on here. I’m sure whichever way we decide we will have a blast.


I understand, I know you will have a great time. And whichever you pick will be fun.

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My plan is to get up before the crow wakes to take a plane to MCO. Have tea at the GF, then go to the party at 4pm. I can have snacks throughout the night.

We were having the same debate at our house. I ended up cancelling our 5:00 Whispering Canyon ADR and I booked Liberty Tree Tavern for 4:20. Seemed like a bit less running around and we’ll already be in the park ready to go after dinner.

I just did the same thing @jayboz. Booked Liberty Tree Tavern for 5. Figure we can ride a few rides before dinner, then head to the party right after. Wanted to do the boat over to MK, but will have to save that for another day.