Dining in December/staying at Contemporary

Going back for a 3 trip in December. We love Liberty Tavern in MK and Coral Reef in Epcot. Tony’s in MK is also a hit. These 3 we have hit up every single time we go. I would love 2 or 3 more sit down family hits (we are a group of 9)
We do one table service ever day and I have nothing for HS for 2 days and I want one character breakfast option that is not princess themed.


If you’re staying at Contemporary then Chef Mickey’s is an easy choice for a character breakfast. Or you can monorail it around to Grand Floridian and eat at 1900 Park Fare. Crystal Palace in MK is also a favorite breakfast of ours.

We love Sci-Fi in HS. Mostly for the Orbiting Oreo Shake! Hollywood Brown Derby and 50’s Prime Time are also popular choices. If it’s open, the new barbecue place in TSL may also be an option.

Oh, and Tusker House in AK is a good character breakfast too. And I’ve been reading great things about Toppolino’s at the Riviera Resort.

Not sure i can help as we don’t care for the 3 restaurants you mentioned. We may have different tastes. But here it goes … for what its worth.

Trails End Buffet at Ft Wilderness campgrounds resort. (boat over from MK is easiest) Best value and food for a Disney buffet. Can usually accommodate a large party.

For character meals we like Crystal Palace at MK (Pooh and friends), Garden Grille at Epcot, or Tusker House in AK.

Chef Art Smith is good ol’ home cooking in Disney Springs
Yak and Yetti at AK is a big A+ for us.

HS simply doesn’t offer very good food. Best option for us is to leave HS for food. Woody’s Luncbox is the exception, but that is quick service. Mama Melrose is decent Italian but there is better around other places. Our family likes to leave HS, and go to Big River on the Boardwalk for dinner and drinks.

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Our most absolute favorite breakfast with characters is Cape May. It’s at the Beach Club.

We returned - after a many years’ hiatus - to 50s Prime Time, last September, for lunch. I think there were 9 of us. Had a FUN time. Some of our group ordered entrees. There’s a lot of food here. I got a rootbeer float and some appetizer.

We don’t normally eat anything at HS. We did however get an early supper at Sci Fi Dine In Theater same trip as 50s Prime Time. We were 5 for this meal and were not seated in a car. Bit if a disappointment. Probably your group will be at different tables/cars.

We do eat at Epcot a lot. Garden Grill grub is much like Liberty Tree’s. However you probably will be seated at two tables. Unless they’ve got big tables somewhere.

My family like 1900PF for dinner and breakfast character meals. I always hear great things about crystal palace but haven’t done it myself.

Might be fun to do Hoop de doo or Trails End if you don’t want the show. There is a small boat that goes from CR to WL and FW (as well as MK) I believe. So transport would be easy.

In HS, my favorite is Brown Derby. I have heard good things about Prime Time and Sci Fi (primarily for the unique setting). Other than that the food is just not great in that park, and I totally agree with the suggestion to head to the boardwalk if you want something sit down with good food.