Dining for one. Does this work?

Hi this is my first time to Disney and I was told by some of the cast members that if I go at the time when the meals start- I just might get seated for Cinderella’s castle and BOG. Is that true? Thanks!

I think getting a table for 1 would be rare. At Be Our Guest, I’m told they may seat groups of 4 at 4-top tables first, before any smaller groups. So if you’re a party of 1, 2, or 3, you may not be seated at all.

That said, anything is possible, and you don’t know until you try. I’d give it a shot. Report back here, please, and let us know how it went!

I’ve had about 50/50 success getting a walk-up for 1 at BoG. More likely on a day that’s been rainy, as people are likely to go back to their resort and skip out on a reservation.

Never tried a walkup at CRT for any number.