Dining Event website problem

I’m trying to search availability for Celebration at the Top and after selecting a date the page just says please pick a date and nothing happens when I click on search. The date shows as selected. Is this a known issue? I tried an incognito window in case it’s because of cookies mayhem. Whaddya think?

The site is struggling tonight. Even incognito mode is not foolproof tonight. I was trying to make a payment and it kept bouncing me to a blank blue page. I gave up. I’ll try in the morning

Thanks that is a relief sort of! I have to try again at 3am for ADRs. I think that’s right. I’m a Disneyland person so sort of fuzzy on it.

I called and the rep couldn’t get it to work either. Than she said there was no availability. It seemed vague and it’s pretty horrible to stay on hold for an hour and still not feel you have a definitive answer.

There have been posts on chat that no one has been able to book it for at least November. I don’t know if that changed in the last week or two?

Oh wow. So frustrated by all things WDW these days. I couldn’t even book Biergarten.

I thought I heard Celebration at the Top was ending… but I can’t find that anywhere online… maybe I was just imagining it…

This makes more sense than what the rep said. Thanks!

Posting on a few threads that people on chat are saying some late November/early December dates for Celebration at the Top have opened.


Thanks for posting this. Celebration at the top is #1 on my list and the only chance I will get to see the MK fireworks which I’ve never seen before!