DIning decisions AK and HS

I’m having a hard time with AK and HS dining. Help me make a decision. 2 adults, 2 teens, and 2 kids

AK–hitting up AK 2 days but only doing one TS dinner: either Y&Y or Tiffins for ROL
been to Y&Y and has lots of options for everyone
never been to Tiffins–menu sounds great, less adventurous teen can always just get steak,
Is it good for families since it’s signature? Worth it for ROL package?

HS–will be at HS RD-close (our only day there and our only long park day in the trip) Should we go to Sci Fi or Mama Melrose for F! package?
would probably prefer Sci FI for atmosphere but had an enjoyable meal at MM two years ago
worth it for F!?
doing both in one day seems like too much food (although CS options in HS seem blah)?

These are hard choices! At AK we usually have Tusker House around 10:30am with the ROL package, and then eat Yak and Yeti for dinner. It works perfectly. I have been to Tiffins several times, and while it is good, we much prefer Yak and Yeti. What is your plan to watch ROL if you don’t have a dinner package?
Sci-Fi is a must do for us every trip, my kids love it. But we also enjoy the F! package, so end up doing Mama Melrose for that. We don’t eat much quick service food, and HS is particularly poor for that. We usually eat lunch at the first available ADR time (11 or 11:30am) at Mama Melrose for the package, and then Sci-Fi for dinner if we are doing them on the same day. We eat TS meals twice a day most days, and don’t find it too much. We pay out of pocket though, no dining plan and generally do not eat dessert with meals. Less expensive, and less food that way.
Sorry I have been no help, I am sure. Just book them all. :wink:


I have never been to the two AK places.
But at HS we love Sci fi - we go every trip.
it has been quite a while since I went to Mama Melrose, mainly because the last time we went the food was just ok and the service was unbelievably slow.

Based on somewhat limited experience, I have found the food at MM to be better than Sci-Fi; their pizza is really quite good. My usuals are HBD and 50s.

I have not been to Tiffins yet (it’s at the top of my list for next trip), but it gets almost universal praise. Y&Y is mixed for me; the seared ahi salad is one of my favorite lunches in WDW, but anything else I’ve had there has been mediocre at best - but the décor is kind of cool. If you don’t want to do the signature, I’d recommend TH over Y&Y (and this from someone who is not especially fond of either CMs or buffets; TH is the only one I would go to by choice).

For HS: if you are not sure, maybe taking the boats from HS to the Epcot resorts for a lunch and break in the AC?

Between Y&Y and Tiffins I think that Tiffins has the better food, but it is signature dining and each time we have eaten there it has been at least a 2 hour experience. It’s a fabulous experience, but you need to consider if you have the time to do that. The ROL package at Tiffins can actually be worth it given the cost of some of the dishes.

I personally would pick Sci-Fi over MM. I think MM is fine, but not amazing. I think the burgers at Sci-Fi are quite good plus the atmosphere is so much fun. You could always do lunch at Sci-Fi and share some meals (because that would be better than any CS at HS) and then do dinner at MM for the F! package.

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Where do you recommend at those resorts in case we decide that leaving wouldn’t take too much time?

Hmm–that is definitely something to consider. 2 hours is a long time with kids. We are going to do CG for fireworks but at least we will have the fireworks to go out and watch in the middle. I thought maybe we’d try something new with TIffins but maybe that is not the best idea with kids (although the menu looks delish).

This might be a good idea–two TS on a long day might be a good break. Thanks!

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Bon Voyage breakfast run late (11:30-ish) and with characters and good food.

Beaches and Cream is hard to get but everyone says it’s a good place! The Boardwalk has a good bakery and ice cream place if you don’t want a TS meal.

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Tiffins is definitely signature dining with fabulous service, but depending on the ages of the kids I think the time frame could be challenging. I have seen some restless kids while dining there.

Kids–ruin everything! :laughing: For our trip, kids will be 8, 9, 14, and 17–doable but maybe not the best idea.

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I would think doable at those ages, but it would be expensive to do the ROL package for a family of 6.

My kids love Sci Fi- the food isn’t always the best, but it’s really a fun place to eat. I haven’t been to Tiffins yet, but do like Y&Y. For us, two hours is a little bit too long for a meal, but you might enjoy the long break if you’ve been going all day.