Dining Choices - Crossing two out

Please choose two to cross out, feel free to explain why those two:

-Tusker House
-50s Prime Time
-Café Cape May
-Be Our Guest (dinner)
-Garden Grill
-Via Napoli
-1900 Fare

Boma unless you are staying at AKL. It is very similar to Tusker House which is easier to get to if already at AK, plus the characters are great at Tusker.

Akershus. Weird food there. :laughing:. We ate there many years ago before it was taken over by characters and did not enjoy the meal.

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50s Prime Time (menu and schtick doesn’t appeal)
T-Rex (so so so loud and overstimulating IMO)

I’ve been to all of those except Cape May.

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Cape May breakfast or dinner (the smell can be strong at dinner).

I agree with @Wahoohokie, Boma and Akershus (unless it is breakfast).

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These are the two I would pick as well. But I also agree with the Cape May dinner comment - not seafood eaters here and we rush by the restaurant to avoid the smell!

Akershus - Food was not great and didn’t find the character interaction fun.

T-Rex - you can find one in a lot of other places. Not unique to Disney!


T Rex too loud and 50’s Prime Time makes me uncomfortable.
We loved breakfast at Akershus, Boma, and Tusker House. But, I agree, it is easier to do TH rather than Boma unless staying at AKL. So Boma would be the next one that I would eliminate.

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T Rex, nothing special.

I can’t pick between Cape May, Akershus and 50s. I think if it’s dinner at CM get rid of that, otherwise Akershus.

I’d also do different meals at Boma and Tusker House.

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I wouldn’t say to DROP TH, but I will say this:
Like with most of the character buffets, do not go for the food. Don’t be romanticized into thinking you’ll be getting some exotic foods. The ethnic inspired foods we tried there were pretty poor. And as soon as I tried them all, I giggled to myself, because I should have known better. You’ll find some good food, for sure, but don’t expect the ethnic inspired dishes to be decent, or spicy, or…good. The standard buffet stuff that you’d imagine was perfectly fine: roasted salmon, roasted chicken, mashed potatoes - stuff that would lend itself to being on a steam tray, or freshly carved meats. Characters were great - no issues there. And yes, I absolutely know that you pay for the character interaction, and not the food. I was just expecting more decent ethnic foods - but it may as well have been Chef Mickey’s.

I am still unhappy whenever I think of Akershus b/c I spent so much time trying to get that ADR and then they seated us by the buffet, away from the beautiful main dining room that was the main reason I wanted to be there. I agree the food was strange for my DD4.

I haven’t been to T-Rex before, so I’m not able to help the OP, but I could only find that one location of T-Rex (in Disney Springs). Are there other locations elsewhere in the US? Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

Maybe they meant Rainforest café b/c those are everywhere–same general idea, more fake thunder, fewer prehistoric animals.


Kind of funny. I loved it when it first opened, but refuse to go back because of the watered-down menu and princess thing. Losing that as a viable dining option bothers me much more than losing Maelstrom…

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-Tusker House - The only CM that I will go to voluntarily. I found the “ethnic-inspired” food to be quite tasty and a nice change from the typical buffet schlock. But now that Tiffins is open, TH will probably fall from my “list of usuals”.

-Boma - After all of the hype, I was a bit disappointed. The soups, salads, and desserts were all quite good, but the entrees all seemed kind of tasteless. It was also very crowded and noisy. I’d go back to TH before I’d go back to Boma.

-50s Prime Time - Loved it. I’m old enough to remember a lot of the kitsch, had a great server, and some of the best fried chicken I’ve had anywhere (and I live in the South).

-Café Cape May - Never been; no comments.

-Akershaus - I loved it before it became a Princess stable, now I won’t go near it. This would top my list of “drop it” TSs.

-Be Our Guest (dinner) - I’ve only been for lunch, and was completely unimpressed - although the setting is beautiful. Dinner there is on my “I might try it one day” list. At least you can get wine and beer there…

-T-Rex - I would go here for a meal only if I brought my noise-cancelling Bose earphones. I don’t mind noise, but even 20 min sitting at the bar was too much for me; I couldn’t imagine spending an hour or more there. Certainly not a place to go to relax and have a conversation. This would be on my “skip it” list.

-Garden Grill - Haven’t been there in it’s current iteration so I can’t really comment. There are so many TSs in WS that I like, I have never really considered it on my EP day(s).

-Via Napoli - One of my favorites. Excellent Pizza; hands down the best in WDW (and pretty high on my list of anywhere). If you’re not planning on pizza, I recommend Tutto Italia instead.

-1900 Fare - I’ve never been, but as it’s a CM, and a buffet, it’s way down on my list of where I would want to eat. This would be on my “skip it” list.

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Dining is always an interesting discussion because tastes are so different. For example, I have eaten at Rainforest Cafe several times at Disney and it is often my favorite meal and dining experience of the trip, and the kids adore it. We have one in town but it’s far enough we never go. It really captures the Disney Magic, even though it’s not Disney per se.

As far as I know, there’s only 1 T-Rex. I was about to comment the same.

I think it depends what matters to you. I was going to say skip Akershus again because of the weird food but of Princess meals are important and you didn’t get CRT then this is a good option. You do have 1900 though which from what I understand is better food but only 1 princes. You probably don’t need to do both.

Oops! Yeah, I had T-rex mixed up with Rainforest Cafe which is a chain. I still wouldn’t choose it because the theme doesn’t appeal to me, but the OP may disagree.

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I would dump Akershus and TRex

I did not care for Akershus (admittedly it was dinner, you don’t specify here) and T-Rex theming does not appeal to me in the slightest


I would personally skip:

50’s Prime Time - I’ve never had a great meal there. it’s basically applebee’s quality food at Disney prices, the schtick does nothing for me, and we’ve never been seated in under 30 minutes.

T-Rex - simply because it so very loud (and again, very mediocre food for the price). I would only recommend it for families with dinosaur obsessed kids under 12, and only if you can tolerate the noise.

(I’m a little surprised to see so many people advocating skipping Boma, it’s honestly one of my favorite meals on property and we tend to nearly every trip. We do tend to be more adventurous eaters, though, so we enjoy the more unusual things. I’d say skip it for breakfast as the trip to Jambo house isn’t worth it unless you’re already staying there, but it’s worth it for dinner in my opinion.)