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Doing MK on a MVMCP day and not going to the party. Leaving and heading to dinner. Do you prefer 1900 PF or Whispering Canyon? DD 8 and 11. DS13. Other dining we have is Ohana, 50’s PT, GG, Bon Voyage, and BOG.

How much do you like BBQ? Cuz that’s the main thing to eat at Whispering Canyon. 1900 PF has a standard buffet with all of the typical (though good) buffet choices. 1900 PF also has Cinderella and family who are probably my favourite characters to interact with.

We have enjoyed both. It really depends on what your family likes.


We really enjoy 1900 PF because the character interaction there has been great–the stepsisters are hysterical. I would think you DD would enjoy it and your DS would too although he probably wouldn’t admit it (I have a son who is 13 and even he finds it fun there).


May I add a interesting choice you might consider. Hoop De Doo Review. My wife and I love it and they have a comedy show after dinner. Dinner consists of buckets of fried chicken biscuits, corn on the cob and good old country cooking. Family fare and family show. You will love it. It is located close to fort wilderness.

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Thank you! I haven’t even given thought to that one!

Hoop De Doo would be fabulous. Another fun option would be Storybook Dining at Artist Point if you can get it (set a res finder and you likely will). Went there with my 3 sons age 11-17 and they did enjoy it. The Queen tried to recruit them for a new hunter!

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My family really like 1900 PF dinner. Very fun characters!

You also have the option of booking a dinner in the park prior to 6pm. They won’t kick you out until after your meal.

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