Dining at Resorts

I was looking for the thread on this, but I could not find it. If I want to eat at a QS restaurant at a different resort than the one I am staying at, can I do that? I know I can dine at a TS restaurant with an ADR, but not sure about QS. For some reason, I remember someone saying that resort hopping is not permitted right now, unless you have an ADR.

You can do a mobile order and show it to security (if the QS does mobile ordering). I’ve seen someone post about doing that.



Unless it’s changed recently they weren’t allowing resort hopping / entering a resort unless you are staying there. Please correct me if it has been amended. :grin:


This may have changed (or maybe just not being enforced). We had a breakfast reservation at Grand Floridian Cafe but then walked to the Poly and walked all around the grounds, in the gift shop…etc and no one stopped us or questioned us.


Disney Food Blog has said the rules are not enforced consistently. This is particularly true at the monorail loop results, where they seemed to have no problem walking around. You will probably also be ok arriving via bus or Skyliner. But if you’re going to a resort via car or ride share, you might have a harder time getting in with no dining reservation.


Here’s the article from DFB:


We’ve had no trouble visiting Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa recently because we’ve been using a dining reservation or placing a Mobile Order using the My Disney Experience app to get in . That’s right — all of the Cast Members we’ve encountered so far are cool with us being at the resort as long as we’re dining in or picking up some grub!

But like we said, some of the resorts are a bit more complicated. When we recently drove to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge for our dining reservation, we were stopped by a Security Cast Member at the gate who told us we were too early. This happened at the Beach Club Resort as well.

Ultimately, he let us in, but with a warning that arriving too early could result in you being turned away until closer to your reservation time. He recommended we wait in our car until closer to our reservation time and not wander. This has been the exception to the rule so far for us.

From EPCOT, you can walk to Disney’s Beach Club Resort to visit Beaches and Cream Soda Shop but not Disney’s Yacht Club Resort since that side of the hotel is still closed to guests. Several dining locations are now open at Disney’s BoardWalk Innas well, although only the DVC villas have reopened. The rest of the resort is set to reopen on October 1st.

At EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can also hop on Disney’s Skyliner to access Disney’s Pop Century Resort or Disney’s Riviera Resort. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort (reopening August 12th) and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort (reopening July 29th) are not open at this time.


Yes, agree with this. Both contemporary and grand Floridian asked for our reservation time and name when I arrived via ride share.