Dining at AK

My teenage son is a picky eater. We are already booked for the Tusker House RoL pkg for our 2nd day @ AK. We are looking for a TS in AK for our 1st night. Considering Rainforest Café because it has food that appeals to my son. A few questions: 1) Is it really that bad? (My kids have never been to a Rainforest Café). Are the young kids there out of control? 2) If so, do you think Yak & Yeti would make him a plain (unmarinated) steak, or can he order off of the kids’ menu? Thanks.

RFC is fine. I’ve never seen any bad behavior there.
Y&Y will probably make you anything you want.
Menus, for both, and all other restaurants are available
on this site. Have your PE check them out before going.

RFC is solid, if not “great” food. I’d put it in the same category as a Chili’s or TGI Friday. It’s kind of noisy so it wouldn’t be a “relaxing” meal, but not nearly as bad as T-rex. Children behaving poorly is something I have experience in many WDW restaurants - even at some Signatures; RFC was no more or less than anywhere else…

I can’t say for sure if Y&Y would do that kind of special order, but most WDW restaurants are very good at meeting specific needs of diners. I don’t think there would be any problem ordering off the children’s menu. From an adult perspective, I think Y&Y would be a more enjoyable dining experience.

I personally love RFC. I would say it’s generally on the high end of “bar food”. I personally think it’s better quality than Chillies or Applebees. The atmosphere is loud, because of the animatronics and “thunderstorms”, but it’s fun.

We were not impressed with RFC’ food after eating at some of the nicer restaurants in WDW. Haven’t tried Yak & Yeti, so I can’t say. We liked TH because there was a huge variety of food to,choose from.

I don’t see why Y&Y wouldn’t fix his food the way he likes it.