Dining arrival day pre MNSSHP

We are doing MNSSHP on our arrival day in late Sept. Plan lands around 1:15 hope to be at the hotel (AKL villas, really excited!) around 2:15-2:30. Where would you suggest we eat prior to the party. I’m thinking a monorail hotel QS. Probably pushing it time wise to get to MK by 4:00? Not a huge deal if we don’t get to MK as soon as they will let us in.

Another question - would ME drop us off at a different hotel since we probably won’t be able to get in our room anyway?

I think that you will be really pressing things to get to AKV that early, and I don’t think that you can go to an alternate hotel using DME. Given that, and to maximize your party time, I would go for CS in MK.

I would just eat at AKL at the QS and head straight to MK.I think factoring in travel time to another resort to eat would be too much stress.

I haven’t used DME for awhile, but I’ve been thinking for awhile that you could just get off the bus at the first stop, whether or not it’s your resort. I remember someone checking names before boarding the bus, but don’t recall anyone checking who got off the bus at what location. Of course, you wouldn’t know where that would be until you were on the bus, but it could save a little time, though you’d have to carry around anything you brought on the plane/bus (or hopefully find a locker large enough to store it at the park).

I would say eating at your resort would be the easiest… For some reason we are always running late on our mnsshp day!!! I think by the time we check in, get settled and costumed up… It’s already 4!!! The easiest thing we have done in the last two parties is have a late breakfast then grab some caseys on the way in as a late lunch/early dinner… Sounds nuts but it ha worked for us and we love their corn dog nuggets and fake cheese!!! Have fun!!

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AKL has my favorite CS - The Mara, so worth it to just eat there. But I am guessing from your time estimate you will be renting a car, no you talked about ME, time estimate is probably very wrong. Be lucky to be ready to head out at 4 from AKL, after arrival and check in, which means you may as well to a CS at the MK as soon as you get there like CHH, or try and get a Plaza ressie.