Dining and length of stay?

Hi. Is the dining per day or night? For example. Do I have to purchase dining for check in and check out day? Or is it just complete days?
If u check in at 5pm do I still have a full days credit to use? If I check out at 10am do I still have a full days credits to use?

It’s per night of your stay.

You can use the credits however you want to right? If I wanted to use one of day1 table credits to do a 2 credit table service on day to that’s ok to do?

Yes, you can use them on any day and in any amount you like until you’ve exhausted your credits.

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Yes. All of your credits are dumped in your account on check-in day and you can them use them in any order/combination. You just have to use all of your credits by the end of your check out day.