Dining and early morning transportation?

Our ADR day is coming up. With the parks opening later, I thought perfect time to go to monorail resorts for breakfast. But then it dawned on me, how will we get there using Disney buses? We are staying at GDT. We will not have a car, prefer in these days of precautions not to be in a ride share, especially since there are 7 of us and we need 2 car seats.
Is there any way to get to the monorail resorts for an 8 a.m. breakfast using Disney transportation? Is the best that we can hope for will be taking the first bus that leaves Coronado for the MK? Am I overlooking something?

Right now, no. Officially the buses start 30 minutes before park opening. In prqctice (for me that I’ve seen) they start about an hour before. But you would need to be there earlier if you want to ensure that you get on the first bus, because there can be a line, and the buses have limited capacity.

I think that to get to breakfast ADRs you would need to have a car or do ride share, I’m sorry

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Thank you. That was the conclusion that I had come to a couple of weeks ago, but as ADRs approach, I thought, maybe, just maybe, there was a way that I hadn’t considered.
So happy that you are having a wonderful trip.

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