Dining, am I hosed?

Well, I have a split trip coming up. First part at one resort, second part at another. Thanksgiving week. Today is 60 days from the first part. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to make the ADRs for the whole trip. I have to wait til 60 days from the second resort. Will I be able to get the super hard ones? Topolino’s? CRT? Space 220? Will they release more as time goes on?

You will probably get them but you’ll need to use a reservation finder most likely.


This, and also dining has been much easier recently

Example: I totally forgot to make a reservation for 'Ohana when I did mine. That would have, in the past, been a mistake of epic proportions.

Instead I made it when I remembered - a full week later! - and had a few options available that work


When you say easier, how so? I haven’t been since right before Covid began.

Just edited my comment. There’s just a ton more open than there was. Not sure if that’s because people realize they can make/change ressies up to 2hrs before now and so something is very likely to pop up even day-of that wouldn’t have before, or if there’s truly more slots because staffing has improved.

It’s just a lot easier

This is a great relief. Thanks! Would y’all recommend prioritizing Liberty Tree on Thanksgiving or still prioritizing CRT and Topolino’s first?

On thanksgiving I would think that one would be high in demand so it might be the exception to the usual priority order.


This is a hot ticket reservation for Thanksgiving. Also, if you don’t mind a change in theme, check out Diamond Horseshoe. It SHOULD be open for Thanksgiving. Same menu and pricing- the atmosphere isn’t Colonial but Western- think Hoopdee Doo Revue.


Many thanks for your input!

Today was my 60 days to our 1 night in DW after our cruise and now I understand why I couldn’t get the dinner reservation I wanted (I hadn’t connected it with Thanksgiving week). I echo the previous suggestions to try the reservation finder. You can also try checking for cancellations whenever you have a chance.

I hope you get the reservations you want!